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Prime Minister: Confronting corruption is the most important criteria for increasing efficiency

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Prime Minister: Confronting corruption is the most important criteria for increasing efficiency
The first 05/14/2024
 Baghdad: Al-Sabah
Yesterday, Monday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani sponsored the graduation ceremony of the first session of the Higher Institute for Preparing and Qualifying Leaders, one of the formations of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, and witnessed the graduation of 48 general directors working in various government institutions.
During the ceremony, Al-Sudani congratulated the participants on completing this course, stressing that
the government is serious about its vision in the field of training and developing capabilities and capacities, according to what is included in the government program.
The Prime Minister explained that the institute was opened nine months ago, and
today the first session is graduating, and at the same time the second session has begun, pointing to the continuation of this program, which represents an important part of the government’s plans to develop administrative work.
Al-Sudani stressed the need for graduates in this course to reflect the reality of Iraq and the qualified leaders it possesses, as
this will contribute to strengthening our relationship with international institutions, pointing out that the
criterion for administrative success is the use of modern means, automation and technology, which will be reflected in the institution’s performance and its ability to The provision of services.
The Prime Minister stated that there are specialized committees that will follow up on the course’s outcomes, and the extent to which the lectures and training received are reflected, with the aim of change and construction.
He addressed the graduates by saying: We expect you to change the equation, so that the institution for which you work will succeed.
He considered administrative leaders an important tool for building and improving the institution, pointing out that the administrative leader is required to research how to reform the institution without waiting for legislation.
He added that the leader must be a role model in his performance, and bear responsibility for decisions, attributing the weakness of institutions today to the hesitation of some leaders, and administrative leaders must make thoughtful decisions.
The Prime Minister continued that the role of leaders is important in overcoming the challenges facing the state, and enhancing trust between institutions and citizens, stressing the necessity of developing employee competence, to improve the productivity provided. He pointed out that
one of the most important criteria for raising efficiency is confronting corruption, and
it is the responsibility of leaders to follow up on employees and ensure the integrity of procedures, indicating that we worked with limited funds that made a difference in services, infrastructure, and the work of institutions.
During his reception of a delegation that included representatives of the Turkmen component, from the people of the Bashir, Taza, and Nineteen regions, in Kirkuk Governorate,
the Prime Minister welcomed the members of the delegation, praising the sacrifices made by the people of their regions in various historical stages, and recalling the suffering and martyrs who rose during the confrontation with ISIS gangs, Their steadfastness and defense of their regions and land, along with the rest of the fraternal components of Kirkuk Governorate.
He listened to a presentation from representatives of the people about the service and living conditions in those areas, the level of government procedures, the follow-up of land ownership issues and the solution to the problems of confiscated lands during the previous regime, as well as the level of service projects and infrastructure projects required.
He directed the formation of a committee that includes representatives of the people of the aforementioned areas. In order to follow up on services, requests and decisions related to their areas. 
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