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Sudanese Adviser: Iraq did not actually come out of the seventh item, and this is the one who controls the dollar

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Sudanese Adviser: Iraq did not actually come out of the seventh item, and this is the one who controls the dollar

Sumerian special     2023-08-08 | 15:18
Source:  Alsumaria News     9,246 views

The technical advisor of Prime Minister Mohamed Sahib Al -Daraji confirmed today, Tuesday, that

Iraq has not actually left under the seventh item, indicating that

the Federal Bank controls the dollar.

Al -Daraji said in an interview with a program in the retirement broadcast by the Alsumaria satellite channel, that

"the dollar file is old and its connection with the approval of the Federal Bank on transfers and

Iraq that came out of the seventh item but not actually
," explaining that

"the dollar file requires the control of the central bank and

banks did not practice in the process of transferring the dollar, What gave the American federal to pressure through political extortion, and

I personally filed a lawsuit to pass the money abroad, and

this prompted the government to take measures that affected the Iraqi economy.  He added:

"The banking system is incompetent and bank owners seek a quick profit without taking into account the general economy of the country," stressing that

"retailers do not deal with the platform in order to escape the routine and commissions,

which led to the exit of the dollar through the cashier and not the banks through incorrect documents and bills,

which led To smuggle the dollar abroad."  Al -Daraji pointed out that

"the central bank did not control the process of converting bills and accurate them with the electronic platform and

there is a significant height in the forged bills", noting that

"there is a problem in the reality of the money that is published on the platform and is awaiting the approval of the federal to transfer it and wait for the foreign audit company, which leads to the delay in the completion of Dollar transactions and transfers for merchants.  He stressed that

"the defect is not in the person of the central bank governor,

but rather in the banking system that needs a bold official and thinks outside the fund, although this will expose him to the question."  And Al -Darraji said that

"my presence in Mosul does not mean anything except that Mosul is an Iraqi, which is a disaster province and needs to be reconstructed and saved through coordination between ministries, governorates, grants and loans to distribute them in Shell Adel and create societal peace and ages for all its regions."  He stressed that

"there are parties responsible for auditing and supervising, and

it is not my responsibility to be the head of a high committee for the reconstruction of Nineveh in cooperation with the governor and other parties and our mission is to implement government decisions."  The Prime Minister’s Adviser indicated that

“the most important projects are roads, bridges, archaeological and tourism sites and their reconstruction occupies importance and not neglecting schools and universities and delivering water to the districts and aspects and stimulating the industry through the establishment of two industrial cities and re-dealing with dollars in the province, the most important of which is the work of banking cards for Mosul and this will achieve societal peace.”  He pointed out that

"the new City of Sadr will be after the Tariq neighborhood to the laboratory area and we are currently dealing with abuses and it is expected that the designs will be completed within two months, which will be direct."  Al -Daraji said that

"the goal of the new city is to reduce population pressure in Baghdad through the vertical construction and integrated services," explaining that

"this project is not investment because the state is the one who will pay the first batch for the first ten thousand housing units."  He pointed out that

"trade destroys the economy and the industry is the one who adopts the economy and

there is an effort by the government to localize the industries in the country despite the pressure of the interior and the external," stressing that

"Iraq will not collapse as Lebanon because Iraq has resources and capabilities that do not exist in Lebanon and what is happening in Lebanon is Fraud and fraud.  Al -Darraji stressed that

"the scenario of previous years will not be repeated in Iraq and

it is shameful to be said in Iraq now that the government is unable to pay the salaries of employees," stressing that

"Iraq needs a legal foreign policy that can come out of Iraq from under the tutelage of the American federal."  Al -Daraji indicated that

"the Americans should be aware that there is a new generation in Iraq

if America continues to approach the fighting of the economy, they will be enemies again if they do not change their policy."  And that

"the movements of the US ambassador prompted the Sudanese to prevent the interviews of the ambassadors except with the existence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs," explaining that

"Iraq is late in the regional and international role, which prompted the employees of the American embassy to take provocative positions towards Iraq."  He pointed out that

"the provincial councils are constitutional, and despite that, I see that the decision to freeze them from Parliament was right and I was hoping that the constitution would be modified and that the councils would be canceled because they would return five years back because of the quotas and the services would be disrupted."

Al -Daraji concluded that "fighting corruption takes place across three arms, namely the government, the judiciary and society, and

this will be able to fight and eliminate corruption."


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