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Oil and white products

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Oil and white products
Economical 05/02/2024
Walid Khaled Al-Zaidi
If we want to transform from a country that exports its products to a country that manufactures them instead of selling them as basic products to global markets

we must
     recognize that crude oil is only a raw material that is involved in other activities such as manufacturing industries that generate
     huge economic benefits and the establishment of
     projects for heavy industries and other projects and energy generation work. And
     rehabilitating the services and transportation sectors and
     stimulating trade of both internal and external types, in addition to
     employing the labor force in factories, laboratories and production workshops,
thus strengthening the foundations of the economies of those countries.
Therefore, the process of transformation
     from a country that sources raw materials
     to a country that manufactures them to produce other materials and goods that are more useful and more widely used is a major and promising development leap. At the comprehensive economic level,
but it must be strengthened with the will and culture to transform
     from the stage of primitive activities
    to advanced industrial activities, as well as
     large-scale organization for the purpose of industrialization. And
     preparing for conscious human development to enter the system of the global industrial society.
We are no less prepared than the countries of the industrial transformation known as the Industrial Revolution that occurred in the mid-eighteenth century to the beginning of the nineteenth century in regions of Europe such as Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Belgium, as well as North America, which possessed the characteristics of this early transformation and was accompanied by technological progress, financial investments, and early developments in class consciousness. And theories related to this matter, as
talk has now begun about an Iraqi government strategy to
     maximize national production and
     enhance its role in global oil markets and to
     ensure diversification of national production of refining energy and prepare to
     rely on optimal investment of oil and gas wealth and
not rely only on oil exports, but rather on multiple sources that develop income. Iraqi National.
Developing mechanisms for dealing with wealth, which represents the main source of the national economy in
     maximizing the production of oil derivatives and the refining industry in Iraq, and
     converting crude oil into white products is a basis for
    achieving self-sufficiency,
    stopping imports, and
    gradually shifting to exporting these products to global markets instead of marketing crude oil without manufacturing. Its derivatives and
     through the shift to marketing and trade of white products, which raises Iraq’s position in the oil and commercial markets and places it in an advanced position.
On time scales, we see that our country is one of the countries lagging behind in catching up with the industrialized countries that have worked to invest their natural resources and transform them into raw materials for the establishment of industry instead of exporting them.
Indeed, this has gone beyond importing raw materials in addition to what they have available to develop the work of the industrial sector and increase its positive effects on its overall activities.
And the high annual income rates of members of its societies, whether for workers in the industry or the rest of the citizens.
Its products constituted distinguishing marks in global markets, in addition to the quality of services it provided of all kinds.
This matter is very natural for it to move the thoughts of those in charge of the national economy, especially when they
look at the oil sector and find in it
     A wide space for comprehensive national development through which the base of benefits from this wealth can be expanded due to the additional incentives it provides for investment and economic growth.   
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