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Experts: We need to start infrastructure projects

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Experts: We need to start infrastructure projects

Economical 2023/03/13
Baghdad: Hussein Thaghb Al-Tamimi

The infrastructure represents the most prominent element in the economic advancement steps that the country seeks, as the construction and reconstruction processes that represent an urgent need for the country, cannot be achieved apart from adopting work mechanisms that promote the infrastructure, which has been stalled during the past decades and which requires a qualitative great effort from the private sector to restore it from New and raising the level of services provided to the citizen.

Meanwhile, the President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid, stressed the importance of initiating the construction of infrastructure projects and encouraging investment opportunities.

Economic expert Bassem Jamil Antoine said in an interview with "Al-Sabah":

"The talk about activating the infrastructure in the country leads us to stop at the actual need that the country requires and the size of giant projects in this field, as the country has moved away from communication in the implementation of infrastructure projects." In a way that is not equivalent to the high percentage of the population, in addition to the futility of the previous projects, which have become out of service, because they have exceeded their default life, especially since they were suffering from lack of rehabilitation and continuous maintenance due to the country’s inability to cover the expenses of this approach.

Antoine had indicated that "careful planning is necessary for the next stage, which must include the development of long, medium and short-term plans, working on these projects in all economic and service sectors without exception," pointing out that " He stressed that

"economic development needs roads and transportation projects as well as communications, in addition to the establishment of railway projects in different directions,

because the process of advancement includes all governorates, and

this in itself is a matter that needs local or foreign capital in the form of investments that benefit both sides of the investment process from Through the implementation of qualitative projects in these sectors to activate the economic movement.

The specialist in economic affairs, Amer Naji Saleh, stressed that

"infrastructure projects must take a large part of the thinking of the parties interested in the process of planning and managing this field, and the

legislative authorities must take it upon themselves to develop the necessary legal legislation to provide the appropriate environment for the implementation of such projects," pointing out He pointed out that

the network of transmission lines that was implemented in previous decades in Baghdad towards the south and towards Jordan and Syria is an important step, but it is not sufficient to provide the required services to the local economy, which is moving in a developed direction.  Salih pointed out that

"Iraq needs a wide network of new roads, railways and bridges commensurate with the size of the population and the economic expansion that all regions of the country witnessed, and

here we must work seriously to activate local and international investments, which require a serious stand by all government agencies and the private sector to get out." With positive results that bring the country to the stage of real orientation towards economic construction proper.”  He continued,

"The next stage requires the transfer of advanced technology that the world has witnessed to the country through channels of cooperation with developed countries of the world that wish to be present and work in Iraq, and that realize the importance of the market and job opportunities available in all local economic sectors," pointing out that

"encouraging the return of Iraqi migrant talents." It is very important, especially since today these competencies provide great services to the countries of the developed and undeveloped world, and it is more appropriate to provide their expertise to build their country, Iraq.”

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