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Experts: the first banking sector on the implementation of infrastructure projects (post for oogie & bubbies)

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They discussed ways to overcome challenges transparently
Baghdad Yasser incumbent Hussein ثغب
addressed the seminar discussion organized by the Trade Bank of Iraq three main axes in the performance of the bank and its responsibilities Tghaha and characterized by high level of transparency and openness clear and explicit about the obstacles faced by the banking sector, which delayed the often irreparable towards activating its role in development.
first Themes focused on the important aspect of تماسه with the need for the citizen and on the role of banks in the implementation of residential complexes and mechanisms and ways of financing while addressing the second axis complexities faced by businessmen in the conduct of their affairs related to appropriations and letters of guarantee and other belongings of work that can be solved procedures and legislation possible and not بالصعبة, as reported by discussions The third axis has revealed the significant role played by the bank after the era of change, where he was the savior of the Iraqi economy through addressing the debt incurred owed ​​by Iraq during the previous era that left the international sanctions on Iraq due to the wrong policies that were committed at the time. Sami al-Araji, the first speakers The head of the National Investment Commission d. Sami al-Araji, who gave a detailed explanation went Authority to meet the needs of the citizens of the housing and seek to implement them through the contribution of government banks in the financing of housing projects within the responsibility of the state over society, speaking about the experience of بسماية and how they needed to hire banks government to fulfill its obligations to the citizen, praising this role, pointing out ambitious projects undertaken by the Commission, despite the challenges of Bmnacfat some politicians who tried to bring down the project, but the will of the benevolent has maintained a secured and will see the year 2015 the distribution of the first batch of users on residential complexes in بسماية. called Araji to speed up the reform of the private banking sector in order to make it able to adopt the financing of strategic projects and infrastructure needed by the country, hoping to achieve all planned projects through cooperation with the banking sector, without which can not achieve an integrated development. Hamdiya dry for its part made ​​Director General of BADEA Iraqi Trade Hamdiya Dry detailed explanation of banking services provided by the bank, referring to the efforts made ​​to recover the bad debts left by the administration Aalsabakh estimated at millions of dollars and expressed the readiness of the bank to settle the remaining debt owed ​​by the owners of corporate borrowers previously and the possibility of resuming their activity requirement provides sincerity because the country in which projects Migti all the capabilities of local and foreign. Dry focused in her speech on the tasks and sophisticated banking services new, out of common interest which is the main pillar of the strength of the economy, noting directed the bank to offer new services in collaboration with the private banks which provide funding for the implementation of strategic projects through loans-cluster between banks and waiting for the finishing touches and obtaining the approval of the central bank to launch this project developmental great in the words dry. Ibrahim al-Baghdadi In regard to the suffering of the business and the private sector with red tape which is beyond the will of the bank occur Chairman National Business Ibrahim al-Baghdadi, a lecturer recalled stages of the establishment Bank and the role of businessmen and traders Iraqis in the sustainability of supplying goods after Iraq was handcuffed international sanctions and trapped economically, was the birth of the bank has rescued the financial resources of the Iraqi fragmentation of creditors. Baghdadi said aspects Rising to the bank at the same time someone challenges faced by businessmen due to the procedures and instructions Ancient While he did not deny causing some parasites who counted on the private sector to destabilize the trust between the bank and customers, but added, saying that these groups have emerged from that stage was left and continue, but right here is Bank of Iraq up to certainty its partners الحقيقين and with the reputation and financial solvency known in dealings with the bank. President Business Council proposed debt settlement with retarded of paid and who can not return to the class banking in cooperation with the bank, as shown dry in an intervention Links willing Bank to study the subject and the goal is the return of Iraqi capital to build the country. Shaker Zamili chief investment Baghdad Shaker Zamili was his intervention at the heart of what to put in order the contribution of banks in housing projects, referring to the numerous projects awaiting funding and cooperation with the exchange sober and view the proposals and promised dry study and implementation possible of them in light of Matsmah its laws. Daoud Abdel Zair either economic advisor to the Business Council, the Iraqi National Daoud Abdel Zair has dealt with the subject of other angles are in overcoming obstacles, praising the role played by the Trade Bank of Iraq, calling for more openness and overcome the obstacles, which upheld the Dry brought by Zair proposals. took place after that discussions Show which businessmen suffering of the measures are routine, stressing their desire and their commitment to work with the bank and prefer it to deal with foreign banks, and the position requires reductions in commissions, but sedate bank and international reputation guarantee funds businessmen were in the foreground, and listened to the reasons for the differences is a formality related teams discharge, however, promised to dry the possibility of reduction whenever possible. concluded the seminar need to be the role of regulatory bodies as a catalyst in achieving the development does not counterproductive her judgment prior to any case of suspicions but through the fight against corruption and eradicated and stand by the service officer and avoided mistakes before they happen. should be noted that the obsession with control and integrity has accompanied the seminar from beginning to end and were evaluated their advantages and disadvantages and the consensus on the importance of being vaccinated investor money from extortion and the employee from falling into the trap of parasites.

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