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Investment Authority: the start of the project infrastructure بسماية

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Investment Authority: the start of the project infrastructure بسماية

05/27/2013 07:37
Confirmed that the National Investment Commission direct the implementation of infrastructure works for draft بسماية of residential, announcing that the next few months will see the completion of laboratories for building the complex.

At a time in which it confirmed its cooperation with the Egyptian side in the field of housing within the project of one million housing units, pointed out that the investment in the industrial sector pending the application of the economic reforms of the state-owned plants.

And the Chairman of the Commission, Dr. Sami al-Araji, in an exclusive interview for (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that he has direct implementation of infrastructure work for the complex project بسماية apartment on the outskirts of Baghdad, noting that the next few months will see the completion of laboratories for building the complex, stressing that the end of the year 2014 will witness delivered the first meal of $ 1,800 units to be delivered during the first quarter of the year 2015, after which deliver a similar number per month until the completion of the project permanently.

He pointed out that the Commission is organizing tours media to the project site to follow up the business and the percentage of completion periodically, explaining that the numbers registered on the residential units of citizens and employees amounted to 72 thousand, however, that most of them had not paid the first installment, appealing to them quickly repaid to the presence of the obligations of several of the body, especially and the first installment has been reduced from 25 to 10 percent.

Araji pointed out that the Commission confirm for investors and companies during meetings and conferences, the promising opportunities and large in the country, in addition to the existence of guarantees large by the higher authorities competent, revealing show a lot of companies willingness to work along the lines of Balamaratneh, Korean implemented several projects similar to compound بسماية residential, as well as other projects entered the Indian iron and steel industry and construction requirements for oil projects, as well as wishing to invest Russian projects, oil refineries and manufacturing apparatus or power plants.

And disclosed that the Commission has prepared a great plan for cooperation with the Egyptian side in the field of housing and infrastructure within the project of one million housing units, in addition to cooperation in investing in the free zones, revealing the signing of a cooperation protocol will open with the Egyptian Ministry of Investment prospects for cooperation and wide, noting the existence of a strong desire among senior investors Egyptians to enter the Iraqi market, on the grounds that the Iraqi environment is the best investment in the Arab world and the Middle East.

The chairman of the National Investment Commission for the investment the largest to the Egyptian side will be within the site Hittin for the manufacture of devices and equipment which is considered the industrial base of Iraq for the oil, gas and electricity, in addition to compounds other represents the side of tourism in the south of the country on the Shatt al-Arab, noting that the body is trying to activate their work with the General Company Ports that have the ideas in this regard, particularly the coast of the Shatt al-Arab, including works on expanding investment efforts in the Gulf, but not limited to Basra, in addition to the existence of ideas for the construction of tourist sites within the areas of the marshes.

And investment in the field of industry, stressed that the pending application of the economic reform process of the coefficient of the state-owned converted into joint-stock companies public or private, including opens towards the market qualitatively based its competition, quality and economy in the management of capital, which would be the contribution of the Commission to provide investment opportunities jurisdiction, noting the existence of investment opportunities are many in all industrial sectors, both chemical and petrochemical, iron and steel and others, stressing the support of the government sector investment as the main pillar for the construction of the country, especially the five-year plan 2013 2017 ratified confirmed that the ratio of investment to the Iraqi private sector and foreign investment amounted to 21 percent. And on business investment in the housing sector confirmed al-Araji, near the assignment of complex project of good housing, which includes 75 thousand housing units, with presentations from international companies reputed to invest in it, including local, Gulf and international, noting that the Commission has prepared designs and supplied companies investing models, where he presented each investor perceptions for the project, revealing that the process of completing all the requirements and raise the recommendation of the assignment of the project during the period next few years., and pointed out that the body is also in connection with the assignment building complexes in the province of Nineveh, a rate of 100 thousand units, and Anbar by 70 thousand units, and Salah al-Din 60 thousand units, as well as near assignment Complex Project Future City, west of Baghdad to one of UAE companies by 30 thousand units, stressing that the body is moving to the implementation of a project to build one million units, praising the role of the Basra Governorate Council to provide amounts implementation of infrastructure projects and part of the first installment to the company implementing the project to build 100 thousand units residential area التنومة which shares a substantial reduction at the residential unit. said Chairman of the National Investment that the company implemented will be three years after delivery of the 25 thousand housing units, to be then delivered 25 thousand units per year, pointing out that the project will see the construction of a bridge link between old and new Basra on the Shatt al-Arab, revealing that the body will be circulated Basra province to experience all the provinces as the best solution to end the housing crisis, noting that the body also refer the project succeeded banks of Karbala to one of UAE companies to build 40 thousand housing units.

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