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Antoine: The Supreme Economic Council must be a specialist

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Antoine: The Supreme Economic Council must be a specialist

07/7/2018 12:00 am

The government intends to set up to activate the productive sectors


The government seeks to form a higher economic council and link it to the Council of Ministers to work on increasing per capita income, stabilizing prices and providing productive employment opportunities, as well as optimizing the employment of human resources and operating them while controlling public debt and placing it within secure borders, as well as emphasizing the fair distribution of income and opportunities to diversify the economic base. The public revenue should be the private sector one of the pillars of this Council.

private sector

As for the formation of a higher economic council, the deputy chairman of the Iraqi Economists Association, Jamil Antoine, said: "10 years ago, with the process of administrative and economic reform of the state and the reconstruction of an efficient administrative apparatus to implement reforms and transform the economy from rent to production, Which can employ the largest number of unemployed workers and reduce poverty rates ».

"In the context of a social market economy, as mentioned in the five-year plan, we see the use of elements far from professional and knowledge and the formation of committees to satisfy only those who have nothing to do with the economy," Antoine told Sabah.

He stressed that "the main building blocks for the formation of the Economic Council is the active private sector, represented by industrialists who invest and work in the country, they are the basis for building a real market economy and to lead the process of economic reform and building a productive sector representing industry, agriculture, tourism and other services, not the private sector.

"The role of the active private sector contributes to the survival of the country's wealth within it and not leave it through commercial investments."

Antoine said that "it is OK to feed this Council of the university professors of practical specialists, to be a successful step away from corruption and people recognized in their history to build the country because this elite should be the builders of the basic rule.

Professional organizations

"It is commendable to participate in this Council specialized government departments and not intruders on the process of investment and management and a number of competent professional organizations, and officials in some ministries of competence, competence and integrity to submit proposals Constructive."

He pointed out «the participation of some of the civil society organizations with competence to be able to access the workshops may not be accessible to the government sector by virtue of their economic and social relations and crystallize good ideas as consultants in the Council through their experience Wide."

"We have contributed to the writing of industrial, tourism, professional and road map strategies, and now these issues are all on the shelves and there is no one to implement them," Antoine said.

"There is a big gap. Between application and implementation and writings, if we return to the economic literature and what was written to find there are dozens of strategies and plans placed and not implemented ».


He stressed that "such a council needs to legislate a law that regulates its work and that the private sector participate in writing this law and determine the objectives and specifications of the people who will work in it.

Therefore, there is supervision, calculation and auditing of the work to be submitted during the period prior to its establishment to be discussed and above all In the Council of nationalists and owners experience and efficiency in their work, whether in the market or in the state and are recognized for integrity.

Antoine spoke of "the presence of several parliamentary committees, but its members lack economic jurisdiction because the theoretical ideas need to be implemented by the experienced to work away from red tape and bureaucracy."

"The council should be accompanied by a simple and orderly administrative system whose members have been chosen from the elites to build a country with a solid economy and a solid base," he stressed.

He pointed out that «the budget of the Council must be allocated from the budget and be simple, besides the allocation of a small building of 10 to 12 employees of the government departments and the private sector are tasked with the progress of proposals and the implementation of the work and the provision of allocations to spend the budget at the beginning of the year to serve this the Council".

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