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Bassem Antoine: The economic file .. The priority of the next stage

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Bassem Antoine: The economic file .. The priority of the next stage

06/6/2018 12:00 am

From the seriousness of the development of production and services

Baghdad / Hussein Thugb

Economists emphasize the importance of adopting economic programs by the political blocs before the parliamentary elections, which were prepared by economic figures with great experience in the development tracks and mechanisms to achieve them, and overcome Iraq's challenges to the advancement of productive and service sectors.

Deputy Chairman of the Baghdad Economic Forum Bassem Jamil Antoine Bin "Economic programs represent the political work force, and their application is the focus of economic revival in all sectors that have the potential to achieve effective development of the country," pointing out

"the importance of selecting the competencies that have the expertise necessary to complete economic operations Li face the best way that achieves the highest degree of benefit to Iraq."

Quantum leap

Antoine said in an interview with Al-Sabah that "the economic file must be one of the priorities of the future work, and there should be a real evaluation and follow-up to all concerned parties in order to create an ideal working environment that comes with capital and advanced technologies that achieve a qualitative leap in the economy. Family and national economy".

He pointed out that "the importance of the political blocs in the coming period to implement their economic programs, and be one of the priorities of the direction of the next phase, where it requires the start of the process of economic reform, which actually goes to the country to broader work.

National efforts

Antoine warned that "Iraq needs national efforts to adopt the processes of construction and reconstruction in the liberated areas, before that work to create an ideal work environment to help implement projects throughout Iraq in the best way."

He called for "opening up investment opportunities to real companies that have the actual capabilities to assist in the process of economic development in the productive and service sectors.

The local, regional and international private sector has a sincere desire to work in Iraq and invest opportunities. Coming".

Wealth size

Iraq is one of the wealthiest countries with natural and human resources.

According to the statistics of one of the specialized centers, Iraq is the wealthiest country in the world with the size of wealth per square kilometer relative to the population.

Antoine said that "the productive sectors are able to absorb the efforts of a large work, can attract the global effort developed and employment in the economic advancement and enter a new stage enables Iraq to stand in the right place among the countries of the world economically."

The reality of the economy

He stressed "the need to be serious in changing the reality of the economy towards a better stage that addresses the problems of the national economy, which accumulated over periods long".

He said that "the legislation of a law that includes workers in the private sector to retire is necessary to encourage the work in this sector, which awaits significant responsibilities for the management of the local economy, and this relieves the pressure on the federal budget and a large part of which goes to salaries of public service employees.

The identity of the economy

"The five-year plan went towards stimulating the private sector, identifying the Iraqi economy and moving towards a market economy Social."

Antoine said "the possibility of activating the petrochemical industry in light of the availability of the elements of its success, and rely on the expertise of Iraqi immigrants and specialized in this field, which proved successful there, which can be used to develop this industry and convert the country from an importer of its products to Source".

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