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Report on the first meeting of the initiative, the establishment of the Supreme Economic Council and Parliament Economic

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Report on the first meeting of the initiative, the establishment of the Supreme Economic Council and Parliament Economic
To download the PDF file easy printing click on the following link Report on the Meeting of the Economic Initiative Praise be to God Almighty .. On (01/07/2017) [...]
To download the PDF file easy printing click on the following link

Report on the Meeting of the Economic Initiative

Praise be to God Almighty .. On (01/07/2017) was achieved for the first meeting of a group of businessmen and economists men in the presence of specialists and leaders of the private sector and sons and I am honored to show yourselves to the content of the proposals and visions value that took place in his interlocutor:

After the opening session of the peace of the Iraqi Republican playing and reading the Fatiha for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq from all forms of our security forces, and all the sons of Iraq who are victims of terrorism.

Session opened engineer Adham pottery:

Hello Messrs attendance elite represent the building blocks of the national economy represented chip Taiba represent all pillars (leaders - experiences - businessmen), this selection that missed to unite visions and noting the necessity of their duties over the burden of the National Secretariat before God Almighty that get them them to represent them, indicating the masters DEAR the simplest earner factor perceived and Atantzer them perform their role of national .., long inequity and injustice .. and it's time to move from sleep yard, advice and suggestion to .. Square thoughtful professional movement .. and you folks this initiative and what I am but a simple citizen entitled (earner) do not carry any official status among only the title, but always an honor and he (the son of the country) and will sit at the table last listener to your dialogue and Raakm value.

Meeting of the Economic Intitiative image

First - the leaders of the private sector, representatives of the business segments in the Iraqi economy:

Professor Abdul Hassan Ziadi - Iraqi Prime Insurance Association:
a. Between what he suffered the insurance sector in Iraq , while prejudice is a priority for the construction of any economic strategy.

B. Support for the establishment of the Supreme Economic Council with the need to be representative of the experience and economic efficiencies.

C. Economic legislation of laws , including the insurance sector grants nationally prominent role for its importance in all strategies of economic construction.

Mr. Ali Alsnava - President of the Federation of Iraqi Contractors:
a. The construction sector is the most affected by injustice and unfair and among all segments of the business ..

B. The construction sector is Iraq Builders and Building gathering , with its national expertise constitute the pillar of the national economy of Iraq , indicating the need to embrace the private sector destroyed these leaders with surrounding important factor is the development and Tndejeha and the private sector to meet the aspirations of the children.

C. Indicating an important issue , but are: the need to ensure non - interference by any of the political parties in the structural entity and this initiative, in order to avoid what happened in the corridors of struggling with your family policy , including the capabilities of the Iraqi economy , many years ago.

Mr. Ali Sabieh - head of the Iraqi Federation of Industries:
a. The need to take professional associations Bstratejyatea plans and interim Wares and future to ensure the rights of the children of the sector or the other.

B. His opposition to the structure and method of making decisions in the Supreme Economic Council proposed .. where it is expected that it will lead to wrestle inside corridors, (differing trends between the trade path and aspirations and ambitions between the industry and the protection of their products) as an example.

C. The possibility of accepting the initiative if you modify the content in order to ensure the independence of the trends and strategies business sectors.

Dr. Tndejeha the need to ensure a balance trends Stratejat business segments of the components in the private sector.

Sheikh Haidar Alapadre - Chairman of the Union of peasant associations:
a. Supporter of the initiative spirit and a template with the need to be studied carefully to be familiar with all the views of the brothers to be experts meet to put forward practical solution acceptable.

B. The need for caution , but such an initiative would face great difficulties about her birth .. components by the state ( the government - parliament) for the rationale of the mother of various other reasons.

Mr. Mohammed cat - Chairman of the Association of Hotels Tourism:
a. Hello any initiative and the result of the actual subject of the application of practical solutions to its maximum , indicating the need for the tourism sector is ready to show any support , including attributes of the underlying investment capabilities and huge potential to support the national economy.

B. Between the elements of the task tourism already available in all regions of Iraq from the rivers and marshes .. gift of divine Alahih .. and they need to adopt a real sons led the sector themselves.

Mr. Haider al-Rubaie - Vice President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce:
a. Welcome Federation of Chambers of Commerce ancient history and it represents the largest business sectors in Iraq because it ensures (1.1 million of traders Iraq), and Union support for this initiative and the need to provide any of the award.

B. Indicating an important issue: that the current time and the difficult economic situation that Iraq is going through is the best timing to announce this initiative as it represents an ideal solution impractical called by the people of the country themselves.

Second - the Masters Almokhtschin in economic affairs and the legal representative of Messrs:

Professor Abdul Hussein blessed:
a. His blessing to the substance of the initiative, but noting difficulties in their application in terms of the requirements of the need for legislation and the creation of a legal and paths may be tricky to give birth to the light between the halls of government and parliament and legislation Tqtaatha with structural exist currently approved by the Constitution and the law.

B. Advance its proposal and is an alternative ( to involve the private sector leadership) in the Council of Ministers and priority , the application of this proposal quickly because only required to issue instructions from the Council of Ministers.

Dr. Abdullah al-Bandar:
a. Tndih need to re - examine the initiative and to make them as acceptance and application , and must take into account the contents of the UN initiative and the components of Iraq (Private Sector Development Strategy 2014-2030).

B. Shortcut initiative (establishment of the Supreme Economic Council) for the study of its components with the necessities and work thoroughly policy.

C. Postponement of the subject ( the founding of the economic parliament) that may be posed by the non - acceptance and lack of possibility to apply now , keeping in mind the political process components and difficulties to accept such an initiative by them.

Dr. The need to form a specialized committee between the private sector and leading economists and law Tndij this initiative.

Dr. Superficial inch - via the Internet from Germany - and an economic expert specializing in the construction of economic Alstratejat:

a. Indicating similar experiences in the countries of the world for the participation of the private sector and its statesmen and economists in the leadership of the joints and the national economy , so hello to launch this initiative and the need to cite the experiences of other countries for the same oriented.

B. It defined a very important question and it is only: ((who represents the private sector?))

And he replied, seeing the value under the economic perspective follows:

Basic characteristic of the private sector feature is the individual ownership of the means of production and on this basis the private sector consists of ((the employers in the various sectors of the economy)) including ((peasants who own the land and cultivate themselves with their family members or hired agricultural Bajaur workers daily)) as an example .

The workers and the employees in private companies who receive wages and salary, although not ruling over them of the means of production should involve their representatives through their organizations , unions and associations in the economic decision - making in the proposed new Almassash. And the fact that a multi - disciplinary , civil society organizations and do not have the means of production and do not invest and operate Tantj.fla workers do not see the need to involve them in the proposed initiative, except for those experts and economic competencies and centers specializing in economic analysis research gathered

As between the artisans of the ((owners of workshops and professional offices owners as well as wholesalers and the singular and all those who exercise entrepreneurial)) is one of belonging to the private sector , a condition that is officially registered in the Chamber of Commerce or the Representation of the sector concerned as well as the necessity Tsgelet in the Tax Department. The owners of stalls and Albaaah Almottagoliyn understanding belong to the non - formal private sector ( Informal Sector ) out of the national accounts.

Professor Samir Nasiri:

a. Hello project and the timing of the initiative put forward by the parallel with the country is going through great difficulties.

B. Must take into account what is passing through the country from the multiplicity of economic crises, political , and not are wearing state proposals and demands before (Tndij idea to make them applicable) with other middle necessity, study and scrutiny by all stakeholders to destructive testing than has happened in any previous initiative solutions met with neglect and lack of implementation due to weak tenor or inaccuracy.

C. Referring to the (strategic development of the private sector from 2014 to 2030) and the contents of that first phase was designed to be the private sector contribution to GDP (35%) and contributes run (30%) of the workforce and contribute to lowering the level of unemployment (6%).

Dr. Tndij initiative towards achieving the goals (overall and fundamental economic reform, private sector and the unification of his speech and orientations and determine his representative and I mean precisely: ((who is elected by the private sector if a person or persons to be its representative in the Supreme Economic Council)) and expresses his concerns and aspirations is not a sectoral only, but it must represent all workers in the private sector, which numbered up to 4500000 breeze Tdman and to achieve the goal of private sector participation in economic decision - making.

e. He pointed out that vigorous efforts are being made in the halls of government for the implementation of the government program and proposals for Jean common experience with the private sector and the implementation of the pillars of private sector development strategy, including the establishment of a Salt (Market Council).

Professor Mahmood Alloush:
a. Indicating what happened to the joints of the Iraqi economy from a big decline as a result of the mismanagement and it's a reflection of the reality of politics because it is struggling parties and state components of the quotas imposed by the names do not belong to people with respect.

B. Hello initiative and the Provisions of the necessity that the initiative be comprehensive to take into consideration what the vision of (economic theories of Almt_khassn in economic affairs) and between (actual fact , including exposed Almtbakan the economic arena) any be a shared vision of how to build a state strategy Tejeotait or solutions and lack of committed and adhere to the theory only.

C. Experience shown in the State (Ukraine) include (appointment of members of the number 5) of the leading private sector representatives in parliament are to see the private sector.

Thirdly - a group of men and women entrepreneurs:

Professor Karim Yasiri:
a. Hello we need to adopt any initiative we turned from sleep in the monotony of the situation and the case results in a significant Massey exhausted and strain the joints of the economy.

B. The need to establish a group of businessmen to adopt this initiative actually.

Mr. Raed Al-Rahmani:
a. Indicating what ails daily movement of any act of daily economic obstacles stand out by not applying or enacting the implementation of laws originally by the government, which is concerned with the economic aspect.

B. The need to develop this initiative and giving birth , and the selection of qualified to be the structure of the components.

Mr. Qais Al-Wazzan:
a. Hello initiative and the possibility activated in the absence of a clear strategy until now to lead the economy in Iraq.

B. The need to include a high level advisory body responsible for preparing strategies and progress - oriented and long - term plans , according to statistics realistic.

Ms. Amal Hussein:
a. The need to involve the feminist element in the structure of a platform for the leadership of the private sector and the national economy.

B. To ensure that the structure of this initiative ensures that access of political parties to any of the joints of the leadership of the country 's economy.

The report prepared by the consulting engineer Adham pottery

Copyright Network Iraqis economists. Allowing re-publication, provided that the source

January 12, 2017

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