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The Central Bank Conference

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1 The Central Bank Conference on Sun Dec 17, 2017 3:54 am



The Central Bank Conference

17/12/2017 12:00 AM
Dr.. Bassem Ibrahimi

On the ninth and tenth day of this month, the Central Bank of Iraq held its third annual conference in Baghdad with an active Arab and international presence, as well as a wide local participation by researchers and specialists in monetary and financial affairs.

This is the first conference in Baghdad after 2003, preceded by two conferences in the United Arab Emirates The second in Lebanon.

The Conference held many messages in terms of timing and content.

In terms of timing, the convening of the conference on the day of declaring victory over the "preacher" of the terrorist seemed to signal the start of the stage of construction and reconstruction that we are waiting for.

In terms of content, the conference chose financial and economic stability as its title.

The next stage after years of instability And for many reasons.

Sixteen research papers were presented during the two days of the conference on a number of topics that contribute to economic and financial stability, but the vision presented by the Governor The Central Bank in the framework of the shift from dependence on the oil resource to the adoption of non-oil resources in a fixed period

Time and annual adjustment rates have taken a great deal of attention because of this role in addressing the structural imbalance experienced by the economy Iraq.

One of the most prominent recommendations that came out of the conference that related to work to achieve financial inclusion in Iraq, because of the great importance in achieving many of the economic results And social development.

Where recent studies have shown that achieving financial inclusion can contribute to raising the economic growth rate by about 7% per annum, as well as its role in reducing unemployment through its ability to provide employment, especially through small projects.

Finally, the Central Bank has proved once again that it is open to all opinions and has enough flexibility to deal with the changes witnessed by the economic reality in Iraq after having announced previously through the meetings held and attended by.

Therefore, the governor's invitation at the end of the conference came to anyone who has a view or a proposal that contributes to the development of monetary policy to send it to the Central Bank in the event that it is unable to attend these meetings, the sole objective is Iraq's success in achieving economic advancement.

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