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Iraqi parliament calls for intervention by international community; Bombing by Iran and Turkey continuesPosted: August 21, 2011 by THE CURRENCY NEWSHOUND - Just Hopin in Iraqi Dinar/Politics

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Iraqi parliament calls for Baghdad and Washington to intervene “immediately” to stop the bombing of Iran and Turkey

Arbil, 21 August / August (Rn) – a student of the Iraqi parliament on Sunday, the governments in Baghdad and Washington in addition to the international community to intervene to “immediately” to stop what he called “flagrant acts of aggression” to Iran and Turkey, which Tqsvan by artillery and fighter jets border areas in Kurdistan.

Since Wednesday night, aircraft and artillery bombed the Turkish border areas in Kurdistan region of Iraq included 352 sites for the PKK, according to statements of the Turkish military, as Iran has stepped up more than a month since the artillery shelling of border areas in the region.

Tehran says it is targeting militants Party of Free Life of Kurdistan, “PJAK,” while Ankara says it is targeting the Kurdistan Workers Party militants who are active on the border between the two sides.

But the long-bombing residential areas in the region and caused the killing of citizens and the injury of others and the burning of large tracts of agricultural land and forests as well as livestock deaths, and led to the displacement of hundreds of families.

The vice president of the Iraqi Parliament Arif Tayfur in a statement to the Information Office received the agency, the Kurdish news agency (Rn) a copy of it, “We strongly condemn the bombing Turkish warplanes to the border areas and safe villages in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, as we express our deep regret for the abuses and violations and lack of respect for sovereignty treaties and international conventions. “

He added, “We also condemn the continuation of Iranian artillery shelling of the border in the Kurdistan region and this abuse is unacceptable, and such blatant attacks from neighboring countries not in the interest of Iraq and its periphery.”

He Tayfur that “military operations have led to significant damage and deterioration of the situation and the displacement of people in the areas of Kandil and Sidakan and enforced and other areas.”

Asked Deputy Speaker the federal government to take “immediate action and dissuasive”, also called the United Nations and the United States and the Islamic Conference and the international community to intervene to stop the bombing.

He said that “the continuation of the bombing would hurt everyone and lead to the creation of problems and complicate the situation in the region and creates a crisis and tension between Iraq and neighboring countries will serve the future of political and diplomatic relations and economic ties with these countries.”

A spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc in the Iraqi Council of Representatives panel has a pro-Tayeb’s (Rn) on Sunday, that the Kurds would ask the federal government to resort to the UN Security Council if Turkey has not stopped, Iran Qcefhma to border areas in Kurdistan.

The Kurdish position on news announced by the PKK for the Ankara and Tehran have mobilized their troops on the border in preparation for a ground assault on the border areas in Kurdistan to hunt down armed opponents.

Based fighters and opponents of the Kurds, Iran and Turkey on the rugged border between Iraq’s Kurdistan region on the one hand and Iran and Turkey, and Ankara and Tehran says they are taking from those areas as launching grounds for attacks within their territory.

The PKK has been fighting, established by Turkey and the European countries and America’s list of “terrorism”, the Government of Turkey for more than 26 years for autonomy for the 15 million Kurds there, and the conflict has killed 40 thousand people from both sides, according to statistics of the Turkish military, while fighting militants “PJAK,” the Tehran government for nearly six years.

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