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Iraq is losing 155 million dollars a month to the fluctuation of trade on the border of Anbar

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Thursday, March 13th, 2014 19:03

Iraq is losing 155 million dollars a month to the fluctuation of trade on the border of Anbar
BAGHDAD / translation Baghdadi News / .. the Monitor newspaper said in its report that the British security events taking place in Anbar province in months by the military operations launched by the Iraqi government forces on the stronghold of the so-called "the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant" (Daash), cause a weakening of the movement or in some cases completely before the breakup of transport vehicles laden with goods and various entering Iraq across the perpetrators of Trebil on the Jordanian border and Waleed on the Syrian border, passing through the cities of Anbar province and then to move from those vehicles to various Iraqi provinces.
These events have caused great losses incurred merchant and the citizen on the one hand and the Iraqi government on the other.
The record of the Iraqi Federation of Chambers of Commerce, a remarkable rise in the prices of various goods in the Iraqi market, especially the food ones, attributing the cause to the difficulty of the arrival of the goods imported by the traders, they enter through the executors of Anbar province to Iraqi provinces different.
The head of the Union Jaafar al-Hamdani, "The Anbar province owns two of the largest border crossings in Iraq, and most importantly, the two executors Trebil and newborn, due to the volume of goods that enter through them such as fruit and vegetables, clothing, construction materials, home appliances, building materials, electrical and other," noting that " security events in the cities of Anbar has caused the closure of implementing several times, as well as traders were unable to enter the goods via these ports because of the fighting in those cities, forcing some of them to keep those goods in the positions of implementing border against the daily fees they pay to meet with the arrest of the vehicle loaded goods in those positions. well as some traders are forced to return to the source of goods vehicles, while others are forced to take the path of another, more difficult and costly for them. "
He explains al-Hamdani, the "non-entry of goods or survival stuck when implementing border or resorting to the streets to another to be entered, is causing great losses to the trader as a result of the loss of part of the profits, which is reflected on the citizen due to afford an increase on the prices of those goods, and the state is also due to the weak revenues received by devices implementing border customs taxes on goods entering the country. "
He pointed out that "the specialists in the Union estimated the losses incurred by Iraq as a whole because of the events of Anbar, about 155 million U.S. dollars a month."
Anbar is the first economically affected by the security events, and stresses that the management of the slow movement of implementing border has caused great economic losses to Iraq and al-Anbar province in particular.
The governor of Anbar Ahmad Khalaf al-Dulaimi, "The work Mounvven border no more than a day between six and eight hours, as a result of the security situation and the entry of a limited number of vehicles loaded Balda├║a. Indicates that maintaining constant contact with the management of the perpetrators of the Trebil and newborn, which is on the lookout for what's going on in them ". Dulaimi said that "the staff of implementing Bgalbithm are residents of Anbar province. Has forced some of them against the backdrop of security events, to leave the province and the default action in implementing. This is another reason for the foot-dragging work in the two ports, as well as the roads that link the ports and the rest of the provinces and with the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi are still experiencing military operations. Therefore, it is possible that there are commercial movement. "
He called al-Dulaimi, "the security forces to secure the roads for the entry of such goods, as well as taking appropriate action in implementing does not involve a lot of red tape, and so that the traders continue admitted their goods through the ports mentioned., It carries the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives the government responsible for the losses incurred by the Iraq due to security incidents in Anbar, describing what is going on when implementing border to "economic chaos."
He says committee member Rep. Mahma Khalil that "the central government ignores dramatically Multi work implementing border in Anbar and how the entry of goods and suffering faced by the traders and owners of transport vehicles, lecturer comes to the situations of the security and political situation in the country prohibited more important and are a matter of debate is larger than economic issues, Iraq was falling until it became economically. shows that the government and politicians in particular, do not know the size of the importance of the economic situation compared Balodaan security and political, the former cost the country losses can not be addressed quickly. "
Khelil said that "the loss is a result of the reluctance of the work in the executors Trebil and newborn lies first on the citizen through higher prices and secondly on the private sector. While the government sector it is least affected because it is a weak basis and is not supported by the government, so it can not be described as the perpetrators of Anbar province However, the "economic chaos." For his part, said economic expert Hassan al-Asadi said that "the proportion of the size of the high wages of the transport of goods across the perpetrators involved Trebil and newborn ranging between 20 and 30%. This percentage also includes clearance Alkmarki for those goods. "Adding that" this increase was the result of the reluctance of a large number of Altjaroasahab transport vehicles and transport companies from carrying such goods from the perpetrators of Anbar province to the rest of the provinces because of the prevailing security situation so far, "noting that" the ratio certainly reflected on the prices of goods to be borne by the citizens in the other .. just do not work. "Finished / 21 GS

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