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Facebook skills in a session of the Iraqi Center for Media Development (post for oogie & bubbies)

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Facebook skills in a session of the Iraqi Center for Media Development
11/23/2013 21:05

With the participation of a wide range of media and civil society organizations interested in effectively communicating via social networking sites systems Iraqi Center for Development Media first episode of a series of practical sessions entitled (to develop the capabilities and skills of friends in the social networking site Facebook.)
feet of the meeting and was led by center director Dr. Adnan al-Sarraj reference to the importance of benefiting of the positives of social networking sites, specifically Facebook, especially after bypass the global figure for subscribers to Merpo a billionth participant as well as a huge number of subscribers of Iraqis in the last two years and the clear influence of this social site on both the Arab and Iraqi noting that social networking has succeeded to the extent far in some Arab countries to disclose the same and turn the tables on power in Egypt and Tunisia, and still its effects directly in a number of sensitive issues we have with respect to the security and stability of Iraq, where we clearly see the size differences that reflect the political reality of Iraq and the negative use in strengthening stability, which require the adoption of initiatives to collect the largest possible number subscribers notaries and known for their benefit of their experience and their communication comparable to the news agency, effective for the deployment of the noble values ​​and efforts in order to be social networking sites effective for their homeland and their issues fateful away from sectarian and ethnic groups and ethnicities that we prepare the basis of the problem, and pointed out that the goal of the center in the adoption of this subject of ambition came after the desire to touch young people in active participation and that we see in today's session with a practical application of the many experiments that we will talk about how to crystallize what is beneficial to our site, and was chosen to deal with them and engage in dialogue without regard to any affiliation to them, adding that we are inspired by these successful experiences We will set up to develop the concept and the presence of an actor through sessions Other Siqimha place in several Iraqi provinces in the north and south to include the largest possible number and communicate with them.
across media spokesman of the Ministry of Human Rights Mr. Kamel Amin Hashim convinced quest sought by the Iraqi Center for the development of the media, putting the possibilities of the ministry and the effort in this area under any requests made ​​by for strengthening communication positive social construction, which will be first and foremost in the service of human rights and communicate with the professional group will be transferred facts as they are in the ground without falsification, which we experience in social networking sites, where some tool to serve the agendas of certain political or sectarian only aims compromising homeland in any false information to stir up public opinion.
while praised the media's hopes Ameri editor in chief of the newspaper young free quest new communicating via Facebook with confidence and expertise without regard to camouflage and aliases, noting that the quality of influencing is impose their opinion and speech in society because he seeks quality, not quantity, and expected to succeed the center to gain a very large number of youth and subscribers who are seeking to serve the community and take advantage of the facilities are located across social networking sites
and talked Media Ibrahim OS from Media Forum International Youth for international experiences in social networking developed countries succeeded quickly in establishing global networks to monitor the youth in the field of human rights and the exchange of information with professionalism, thus resolving a lot of issues and communicate socially in human endeavor, and perhaps in the fight against terrorism and extremism and the dissemination of ideas informed consent.
and accept media from Iraqiya Mohammed Alaidani several experiments are useful in helping experienced himself through site Facebook yielded works extremely important at the present time concerning the clean-up campaigns and rehabilitation of streets to help service departments, also witnessed the meeting to provide a variety of experiences and readings of a number of important events and how to address by groups and individuals on the network, whether positive or negative, and provide the most important proposals that sings the new site for their interest.
At the conclusion of the meeting, Dr. Adnan al-Sarraj thanks to all attendees, stressing that the hearing process was established beyond expectation in terms of what we have seen diligence and a willingness to communicate, reminding the existence of other sessions will be held on the biggest progressions in Maysan, Basra and Arbil

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