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Specialist calls for the adoption of globally successful experiences for the development of the oil sector (post for oogie & bubbies)

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order to achieve economic feasibility
BAGHDAD - Hussein ثغب Tamimi
activation of fiscal revenue over the oil sector is the most prominent outlets to support the federal budget for the country, and comes assertions adopt working methods minutes to develop the field of oil and raise the production capacity and commensurate with the needs of the country of resources for the development of sectors of economic production and service.
pointed competent affairs Economic Muthana Mishan said that the style of licenses to invest in the oil sector adopted in many countries of the world's oil, as it can benefit from the successful experiences that have managed to overcome all the determinants of development of oil exploration and production and quoting.
said Mishan that the style licenses carries the positives in many respects as if These tours are built on the basis of service contracts and not share, charge whereby companies winning contracts fee produce specific ranges between 1 - $ 2 on average, for every barrel of oil produced.
said during his speech at an economic conference attended by the (morning) that experiences of Iraq's past, especially in the seventies proved successful experience of service contracts, as developed Brazilian companies reserve the Iraqi jumped بمعدلاته leaps mission through service contracts, especially as the Iraqi cadres despite their efficiency can not promote oil and gas sector in isolation from foreign companies, as they need to be advanced technology and the heads of a lot of money, due to the interruption Iraq for a long time more than two decades of technological developments in the field of oil, so it is difficult to treat Iraqi cadres with the rapid developments in this field, and perhaps the proof of the problem of burning associated gas monopoly Technology separated companies a few giant-sized such as Royal Dutch Dutch.
, and pointed out that the intercalation companies Multinational her weight in oil investments in Iraq in general, and in the fields shared with neighboring countries is of after the strategic level political, economic, and work to make Iraq an economic power on the regional and international level, by making his energies productivity commensurate with the oil reserves - as is the proportion of output to the reserve is the lowest in the world, amounting to 0.8 percent, as we have said - and took his share of real oil market, international, and this may raise concerns and interventions oil countries nearby, such as the Gulf states and Iran.
He said may be useful to use some international experiences in the process of granting licenses , so as not facing local governments or the central government future problems by issuing hasty legislation and laws do not take into account the economic interests of the long-term, intermediate and near. And eating Mishan Norwegian model in licensing, joint ventures, which is characterized by features several, mainly for exploration six years, and can be extended to ten years, subject to specified conditions, as well as a formula contract are joint ventures the state a partner in, and the insistence of the State to choose the operation, and on the other obtaining licenses to sign an agreement to run with that company, as the state can decide its share of the project, while the financial system imposes taxes go directly to the state, do not require any financial bonuses, pointing to the possibility of understanding in advance for everything during the contracting process except Programme of Action, as it's negotiable. He said the government insists on the diversity of licensees in each project, which includes a combination of national oil companies and international, because each company which brings to the project experience different works each of them a sergeant on the other.
Mishan called on the government before proceeding to negotiate with the oil companies and through National Petroleum Directorate, to carry out a survey and assessment of the seismic risk and other technical studies to estimate the value of any contract. When the oil companies are invited to submit bids, they demanded to provide assessments and proposed programs

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