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Volvo opens its first and largest truck maintenance center in Iraq

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30/05/2013 (00:01 PM) -

Volvo opens its first and largest truck maintenance center in Iraq

BAGHDAD / Press-term

The company announced the public for the automotive industry at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals of Iraq, said on Wednesday that Volvo Swedish Avcthat "bigger" Center for maintenance in the Middle East, south of the capital Baghdad, While expressing the Swedish side that embodies the "close cooperation" between the two countries, Undersecretary of the company Swedish in Iraq that the center will provide 200 jobs for the people of the region.
Said Adnan Ahmed, Director General of the General Company for the automotive industry of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, said in an interview to (range Press), "The Volvo opened today, the first center for the maintenance of trucks in Iraq in the عويريج affiliated to spend Mahmudiya, (25 km) south of Baghdad , will open a center in second in the province of Basra, (is its center, 590 km south of Baghdad), during the next two days, "returned to the" Step complementary to the production of trucks Volvo in Iraq by the Company for the automotive industry under a contract earlier between the two companies. "
For his part, the Swedish ambassador in Iraq, Jurgen to Ndstrm, in an interview to (range Press), on the sidelines of his visit to the headquarters of the center, for "happiness overwhelming opening maintenance center Volvo", returned it "the most important and largest centers in the Middle East."
The Ambassador Ndstrm, that "the opening of the center of Volvo trucks in Iraq due to the close relationship of cooperation between Iraq and Sweden," he said, adding "estimate Sweden for economic and trade relations with the Iraqi side, both at the level of government or the private sector."
In turn, the General Manager of spring Zamzam Car Trading, an agent Volvo in Iraq, Baqir al-Mashat, said in an interview to (range Press), "The center is an important step to provide better services to users of trucks Volvo Swedish in Iraq," he said, adding that the "Total Center area of ​​14 thousand square meters and contains four huge structures for spare parts and repair the body and the reconstruction of trucks as well as an administrative center for after-sales services. "
Mashat said, "The center will occupy about 200 member between the technical and administrative exclusively of Iraqis."
In a related development, said the mayor spend Mahmudiya, Jaber Faraj hamate, in an interview to (range Press), "The center is a recognition to spend Mahmudiyah, a gain to him in the field of trade and industry, especially that Volvo is one of the big names in the automotive world on a global scale" , adding that "the administration of justice expressed their full cooperation for the establishment of this center, especially that the company promised to run the sons of the judiciary in the center."
The Secretary of Commerce Swedish, announced during the opening of a branch of a Volvo in Baghdad, (21 th of April 2012 the past), for her country's desire to expand the horizons of cooperation with Iraq at all levels, describing Iraq as one of the States "very important for Sweden in the Middle East . "
The Volvo had contracted, during 2012 the past, with spring Zamzam Iraqi special, on the marketing, production and provide after-sales services for trucks specialized produced by, and indicated that the partnership agreement concluded between them and the company spring of Zamzam and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals of Iraq, which includes assembly operations and production and sales and after-sales service, confirming direct erected production line at the General Company for the automotive industry in Alexandria.

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