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Advancing economic development depends on the implementation of the economic reform policies

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Advancing economic development depends on the implementation of the economic reform policies

BAGHDAD / Ali Author

A number of academics to correct the course of the national economy and drive development forward and enhance the contribution of non-oil sectors (k industrial and agricultural sector and tourism) in GDP, comes the inevitable result of the implementation of economic reform policies and administrative restructuring required level.
She said an economic expert at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals sincerity Jabbar Nasser's (range): What is required here is the implementation of an integrated package of economic and financial policies and monetary college associated with the implementation investment program widely to raise economic growth rates and increased levels of operation of labor, as well as to encourage domestic and foreign investment, whether direct or indirect order to raise operating rates of domestic resources, through an administrative and financial reforms comprehensive.
She added: The implementation of policies aimed at the exchange rate real at levels competitive, very important in this regard is associated with the support of fiscal and monetary policy is expansionary in order to reduce the high rates of inflation suffered by the Iraqi economy, which contribute to raising the cost of production, and then influence the real exchange rate , as well as take advantage of the economic reform programs of a number of Arab states such as Saudi Arabia and others, and the creation of effective networks of social security and development to get rid of the negative effects associated with the implementation of economic reform programs and restructuring.
And increased to achieve integration with the global economy a prerequisite to be integrated balanced is not at the expense of compromising the economic interests of national, with the presence of adequate systems for human resources, is the problem of administrative corruption of the biggest problems faced by the Iraqi economy in government institutions in particular.
It showed that the adoption of curriculum investment of various kinds as an effective means of radical changes and fast in the new Iraq, especially after passing the Iraqi economy era long characterized length compared to periods which witnessed a technological developments and intellectual, while remained national economy uses technology and ideas and theories old result of the blockade material The moral and offers the possibility to keep up with these developments.
It pointed out that the subject requires a number of actions, including a study reality industrial and agricultural sectors, tourism and oil and service, on the grounds that Iraq possessed sacred religious places and raised civilized ancient, and the events of interdependence and interrelatedness between these economic sectors, which requires constant exchange rates of the local currency (the dinar ) and the reduction of inflation and to support and encourage domestic investment as a step to find projects attractive for foreign investment.
And noted the importance of the creation of administrative reforms and social and restructuring the investment law of new development, and create confidence between the state and the citizen according to the requirements of investment experience modern in our country, and the need to make adjustments to the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 to serve the investment business in Iraq.
For his part, teaching at the University of Mustansiriya Iyad al-Amiri of the most important aspects that could succeed where investment is the industrial sector, which requires identifying general characteristics of this sector of the absence of strategic regulatory standard that combines the steps and decisions taken for the development of the industrial sector in the time frames within quantities marketing specific numerical.
He added that the absence of cohesion close between those links contributed to the decline in the industrial sector in various activities, especially after the passage of this sector by periods of oscillation between abundance and scarcity, and attention to the neglect due to an era of wars and economic sanctions, as well as a lack of departmental industrial use of technical and professional training and management so as to enhance their capacity and supplying them with all modern vocabulary skill.
He suggested that other reasons behind the decline in the industrial sector is a case of leakage of the many technical expertise developed which have been operating in this sector, some other sectors were not relevant to their disciplines, both within and outside the country, despite spending large sums of money on those of talent to develop and refine their skills over many years.
He explained: it was supposed to be a comprehensive review the status of the Iraqi economy after long years between the economies of war and siege, destruction, looting and corruption, and was expected to be early when exposed dust the past years and absorb the horror shock, as it was normal to have this concern is two nationally pure, Vstratejah reform the Iraqi economy and bail him out of his position vehicle, remain in place the last target is supposed to remain a concern and nationalist forces loyal, while not constitute a given target priority to others, policy of Altjeez and doubles and reclining, is the most presence in the Iraqi scene, because this would be gateway for accepting traditional prescription of the International Monetary Fund in the privatization and reduction of subsidies, or go into debt conditional, and an inability to increase oil production without the intervention of U.S. giant oil companies and British and others. He pointed out that the deliberate delay in the advancement of the Iraqi economy out of its crisis and stagnation, requiring a pause both national community of specialists or officials at the command of the executive authorities.

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