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Specialists: Economic integration and job opportunities await development

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Specialists: Economic integration and job opportunities await development
Economical 05/12/2024
 Baghdad: the mainstay of the emirate
And Batoul Al-Hassani
Specialists believe that the development road is one of the most important strategic economic projects that achieve Iraq’s regional and international economic integration with the world, and
it will also provide thousands of job opportunities for the unemployed.
The government announced at the time that the development project is to link the large port of Al-Faw to Turkey all the way to Europe.
The project witnesses the participation of ten regional countries, namely Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the Emirates, and Iran.
The length of the project is 1,200 km, and will extend from the borders of Turkey to the Gulf in the south of the country.
It will be the cornerstone of a sustainable economy that does not depend on oil and contributes to regional integration.
In this regard, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Dr. Mazhar Muhammad Salih, said in an interview with “Al-Sabah”:
The development path is one of the most important strategic economic projects that achieve Iraq’s regional and international economic integration with the world, in addition to being one of the largest integrated investment accelerators at the level of the national economy.
In terms of sectoral interconnectedness in various aspects leading to generating accelerated opportunities for GDP growth and intense investment momentum.
He explained that it is known that the estimated cost of the project is about 17 billion dollars,
noting that the contributions of the regional countries benefiting from it will undoubtedly contribute to the financing and the nature of the national, regional and international financial contributions to implement it, noting the principle of partnership between the state and the private sector for industrial cities and logistics services related to the path of development. In addition to the path of development, which was announced earlier. Saleh continued that in all cases,
the financing vision will become clearer in a broader way when that model is announced, especially what is terminologically called the financial completion of this vital, strategic project for Iraq, which links the trade and investment economies of the North and South of the world,
pointing out in the same context that the financing completion will be used to finance the stages of growth.
The project is in addition to expanding its scope of work or to cover additional expenses, according to what will be determined by the approved technical economic feasibility study in all its stages upon its final announcement.
In the same regard, the spokesman for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Najm Al-Aqabi, said in an interview with Al-Sabah that
the ministry has an integrated database that includes more than a million unemployed graduates and certificate holders, in addition to those who possess experience and craftsmanship, indicating that
the ministry has expressed its readiness to provide all parties with Those wishing to work in projects, especially in the development road and Al-Faw port, which will provide thousands of job opportunities for graduates. He added that the
training centers affiliated with the Ministry have updated the training curriculum in the free courses it holds to provide trainees with new skills and professions in a way that suits the needs of the Iraqi labor market and for both genders, and
in a way that achieves the provision of real job opportunities for them by granting them soft, income-generating loans or seeking to employ them in companies and private sector institutions. And government projects.   
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