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Iraq will be among the fastest 10 countries in the economic development of the Investment Authority was ten sectors investment opportunities on the German companies

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Iraq will be among the fastest 10 countries in the economic development of the Investment Authority was ten sectors investment opportunities on the German companies
Author: Al Bayan wrote: February 5, 2013: Iraq News | comments: 0

Baghdad / Ahmed Sadiq

Prime National Investment Commission said Iraq aspires to transfer the German experience in rebuilding the country's infrastructure over the signing of agreements and memoranda of understanding in various fields.
Sami al-Araji in a speech at the opening of the business and investment Iraqi German held at the Rashid Hotel in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shawis and Transport Minister Hadi al-Amiri and his German counterpart Peter Ramzor that Iraq is about to promote its economy through the development of the field of investment and business with European countries and industrialized countries, where the most developed countries expressed their desire to enter Iraq development projects aimed at rebuilding the country's infrastructure and stimulate the movement of a free economy which has proved successful in many industrialized countries with strong economies as that Iraq is eligible to lead the region economically.
He said al-Araji said Iraq is eligible to be among the fastest 10 states in economic development by virtue of his or her qualifications physical, human and geostrategic in 2013 gives hope to catch up rapidly joining the global development through communication with the developed countries and the transfer of experience.
He Araji said the agency asked the British businessmen ten sectors to invest in.
Noting that Iraq has is the largest projects in the region to attract foreign companies to invest. Was also the direct restructuring of the banking sector, where work is being developed these banks to become abreast of global banks and is able to provide the necessary supplies for the success of the investment process.
He noted that the Iraqi market for securities began to practice an important role in attracting foreign investment through the launch of electronic trading supervision and the supervision of the Securities Commission, as is the case in all exchanges of other countries.
He added that many amendments will be on the Iraqi investment law in 2006 to give better opportunities for investors to bypass cases lag faced by Iraq during the last period, pointing out that the amendments include allowing foreign investors to work on holiday, investment once issued, in addition to the establishment of a national fund for investment to fund large-scale projects
And raise the ceiling on customs exemptions on all projects that are investing, and requiring ministries to create land for investment and compensation invested in the event of a problematic legal about the ownership of land that are investing them, and other other amendments required by the investor including encouraged to work in Iraq.
For his part, German Transport Minister Peter Ramzor
That Iraq is of particular concern for the German government should also apply the German experience that saved the country from the devastation inflicted by after the Second World War, which destroyed infrastructure and fully.
We have seen through our presence in Iraq, much attention and recognition remarkable for high-quality German goods, which will be in the service of the Iraqis and their disposal soon, noting that the goal is to work to strengthen relations between the two countries, and Alan conditions ripe for investment in Iraq.
To that Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways that Iraq's economy is growing rapidly under the democratic experiment that experienced and economic openness that prevails most market transactions and investment for the dissemination of experience European country and that lifted the European countries from the ruins of war to what we are witnessing today the development and harnessing technology Modern to serve man and that we aspire to move into Iraq quickly.
He said the growth in the budget allocations of investment in Iraq than $ 20 billion in 2010 to $ 25 billion in 2011 to 32 in 2012 as the investment budget this year amounted to about $ 45 billion for the first time in the history of Iraq is evidence that Iraq is on the verge Renaissance Urban and economic development in the coming years.
For his part, the Minister of Transport Hadi al-Amiri said the delegation's visit German comes after an earlier visit to a ministerial delegation Iraqis to Germany four months ago to suggest a willingness European real reconstruction of Iraq and to engage in development projects huge would bring the country to rail development and growth after the devastation and isolation that have enveloped the country the days of the former regime.
As Deputy Chairman of the National Investment Dr. Salar Mohammed Amin told (statement) that the current conference reflects the desire of Germany in the transfer of expertise industrial areas of transport and infrastructure development cooperation of the National Investment Commission, which will take it upon themselves to coordinate and bring the largest amount of projects to support the business and investment in Iraq.
The conference included the words of the German ambassador and agent and the Iraqi Ministry of Planning Sami when Paul conferees also stressed the importance of the success of joint agreements and implemented as soon as possible to take advantage of Iraq's natural resources and human move the economic stagnation which overwhelmed the activities in the previous covenants

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