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Sudanese to Washington... vital files

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1Sudanese to Washington... vital files Empty Sudanese to Washington... vital files Sun Apr 07, 2024 3:58 pm



Sudanese to Washington... vital files
The first 04/07/2024
 Baghdad: Haider Al-Jaber
The political circles in Baghdad are anticipating the visit of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani to Washington, scheduled for the middle of this April, which is the first visit of its kind for Al-Sudani after he was assigned to head the government a year and a half ago.
The two sides are awaiting important files, including, most notably,
     scheduling the foreign military presence in Iraq, and
     supporting the government’s economic reforms, in addition to
     the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil, which is going through an ongoing crisis.
The political affairs researcher, Dr. Majashi Al-Tamimi said that Al-Sudani’s visit will discuss “only two issues.”  Al-Tamimi told “Al-Sabah”:
“The visit of Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani to Washington will address two specific issues and no third, which are
     activating the strategic framework agreement signed with the American side in 2008, and an
     Iraqi request for economic support after providing guarantees to the American side to fight corruption and money laundering for Iraq.” He added,
     "Specifically the issue of the US sanctions imposed on Iraqi banks, which numbered 32 Iraqi banks by the US Treasury."  Al-Tamimi continued,
"A large group of businessmen and experts in the fields of economics and finance will participate in the delegation in an attempt by the Prime Minister to encourage the entry of a larger number of American companies into the Iraqi market, despite the fact that
the government says that there is a large number of American companies already present in Iraq, even if they are...
A large percentage of them use Iraqi companies as their fronts.”  He stated,
“With regard to the issue of the sanctioned private Iraqi banks,
     most of these banks have asked the government to intervene to carry out reforms in their work that would be under the supervision of the US Treasury to lift sanctions on them,
     especially in the issue of forming the boards of directors of each sanctioned bank and working with greater transparency under American supervision.” He added,
"It is unreasonable that most of these punished banks - each bank's capital reaches 250 billion dinars,
but they were punished and deprived of obtaining the dollar - due to corrupt financial transfers amounting to $15 million."  Al-Tamimi warned that
“the issue of the American presence in Iraq was not included in the visit’s agenda, given that this issue has been decided by Baghdad and Washington, and
committees have been formed and are now continuing their discussions for the purpose of resolving this issue in accordance with the development of Iraqi armed capabilities, the threat of ISIS, and field developments.”
The visit comes at a critical time, especially with 6 months remaining until the US presidential elections, in which the American voter is only concerned with internal affairs.
For his part, the academic and researcher in political affairs, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Issawi said that
the visit will discuss scheduling the foreign presence in Iraq.  Al-Issawi told “Al-Sabah”:
“The visit comes at a very important time, coinciding with the escalation of demands to schedule the foreign presence in Iraq.” He added that
“the general title of Iraqi diplomacy is developing relations between Baghdad and Washington, as there are internal and external dimensions to the visit.”  He explained,
Internally, the first goal of the visit is to initiate actual steps that can be implemented for dialogue with the
     United States and the international coalition to schedule the foreign presence, in addition to the
     relationship between the center and the region, the
     economy, investment, and government reforms.” He pointed out that
“the external dimension is Iraq’s tendencies to support an effective foreign policy regionally.” And internationally.”  He pointed out,
"The existence of the Strategic Framework Agreement, and this agreement can only be activated through mutual visits.
Likewise, the existence of the international coalition requires political dialogues, in addition to many common economic files and others such as education, cultural exchange, and energy." He warned that
"the government, after... It intensified its efforts and began the steps of its program and reached the stage of harvesting and reaping the fruits of internal achievement, not wanting to neglect the external file.  Al-Issawi concluded by saying:
“The visits made by the ministers are not as important as the visit of the Prime Minister, and
we may witness other steps following this visit to develop the relationship between the two capitals.” 

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