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He has many files in his bag.. Al-Sudani is on his first visit to build new interests with Washington

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He has many files in his bag.. Al-Sudani is on his first visit to build new interests with Washington
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2024-03-23 ​​10:52
Shafaq News/ Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani is scheduled to make a visit to Washington to meet with US President Joe Biden on April 15, to chart a new bilateral relationship after the departure of US forces from the country. This is his first visit since he took office in October. /October 2022.
The White House announced, in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that
"On April 15, President Joe Biden will welcome Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani to the White House to coordinate on common priorities and strengthen the strong bilateral partnership between the United States and Iraq." He stated,
"The leaders will reaffirm their commitment to the Strategic Framework Agreement, and will work to deepen their shared vision for a secure, sovereign, prosperous Iraq that is fully integrated into the broader region." He pointed out that
"President Biden and the Sudanese Prime Minister will consult on a range of issues during the visit, including the shared commitment to the permanent defeat of ISIS and the development of the military mission nearly ten years after the formation of the successful global coalition to defeat ISIS." He concluded by saying:
"They will also discuss ongoing Iraqi financial reforms to promote economic development and progress towards Iraq's energy independence and modernization."
Agreements to compensate for withdrawal
In this context, Amer Al-Fayez, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, confirmed that
“the visit is important to draw the map of the bilateral relationship between Iraq and the United States, especially since it comes in an atmosphere of Iraq’s demand for the withdrawal of foreign forces.”  Al-Fayez added to Shafaq News Agency,
 “America has common interests with Iraq, and for the purpose of taking care of its interests, it will go to conclude bilateral agreements, as the
United States wants to preserve its interests after the withdrawal of its forces from Iraq, and
through the bilateral understandings and treaties that it will conclude with the Sudanese, it will be possible to preserve This matter will help remove foreign forces from Iraq.” He continues,
"The visit may include the Gaza issue, but it will not be the main goal. Rather,
the main goal is to improve the bilateral relationship and draw a road map between Iraq and the United States, because
when Iraq decided to remove foreign forces, it stressed that they would be compensated by establishing bilateral relations between them." And between the countries of the international coalition in the security, political and economic fields.”  
Sudanese's visit to Washington carries several files
For his part, Director of Al-Rafd Center for Media and Strategic Studies, Dr. Abbas Al-Jubouri, said,
“The Iraqi Prime Minister’s visit to the United States of America carries several dimensions.
It is the first visit by a Sudanese since he took office, and
he will carry a number of important, thorny and difficult files.”". Al-Jubouri explained to Shafaq News Agency,
 “The first of these files is the file of the American presence inside Iraq and determining the withdrawal date through what was set by the committee that was formed about more than a month ago.
The Iraqi amounts deposited in the American Federal Bank will also be discussed, and bilateral relations will also be discussed.” and economic and commercial exchange.” He added,
"There will also be a session of discussions and the signing of a number of protocols between the Iraqi and American governments regarding oil extraction and investment, and also regarding important, vital and strategic projects."
Dealing with stress
In turn, the Kurdish politician and former member of the Kurdistan Parliament, Abdul Salam Barwari, confirmed that
“the Iraqi Prime Minister’s visit to the United States in light of the current circumstances is of great importance for understanding how to deal with pressures to remove American forces on the one hand, and Iranian pressures on the other hand, with a desire to American to contribute to the Iraqi economy.  Berwari continued during his speech to the agency,
"The visit will have a good outcome in theory, but in practice, the Prime Minister - and since three prime ministers - does not represent a large bloc within Parliament, and has no weight among the parties that assigned him to form the government." He explains,
"These parties will ask him for positions that are consistent with their loyalties and principles, so
there is no blame on the Prime Minister if he is unable to achieve good results for Iraq, but in any case,
it is an important visit and a good signal from America that the Iraqi government is a friend and ally of it." He pointed out that
"the visit will emphasize - as is usual - the
     continuation of dialogues and meetings, the
     United States' commitment to Iraq's security and its assistance in fighting terrorism, and the
     United States' efforts to ensure that the Iraqi government is strong to help citizens and fulfill their aspirations.
There will also be talk about the presence of American forces and the need to continue... Dialogue, the suffering of the Iraqi dinar, and the United States’ measures and sanctions against some banks.” 

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