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Al-Kazemi: We did not rely on corrupt money to create electronic armies

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Al-Kazemi: We did not rely on corrupt money to create electronic armies

political  |  07:28 - 10/18/2022
Baghdad - Mawazine News

The outgoing Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, confirmed, on Tuesday, that the falling reserve of the Central Bank, the moment he received the government, turned today to 85 billion dollars, while he indicated by saying:

We did not rely on corrupt money to manufacture electronic armies.”  Al-Kazemi said during the cabinet session, in a statement received by Mawazine News, that

“First of all, I would like to congratulate the President of the Republic, Abdul Latif Rashid, assuming his duties at the Peace Palace, and

I also wish the Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani success in forming the government, the difficult task, and

I wish From the political forces to facilitate the task of the Sudanese, and give him the freedom to choose his cabinet to serve his people, a freedom that we have been denied.”  He added,

"We have complete confidence in the new government, and it must have a quick budget to carry out its tasks and duties towards the people."  Al-Kazemi spoke about his outgoing government, saying:

“You know the circumstances of the formation of this government began with a complex social circumstance, most of our cities were in the hands of our protesting sons,

they were demanding reform of the political system and the provision of the minimum amount of things that guarantee the dignity and life of citizens, and

this movement that I call the revolution pushed many of the Martyrs of our youth, and many serious injuries, for the dignity and future of Iraq."  He continued,

"In light of those circumstances, this government came and was formed in a very difficult economic situation,

we were on the verge of a real economic collapse, and the challenges of the Corona situation and the collapse of oil prices, as well as the international conflict that some wanted to turn Iraq into a backyard for international and regional conflicts, and praise be to For God's sake, with patience and wisdom we were able to cross these challenges."  And he added:

"We developed a reform plan in the economy from the first moment, and established a new economic vision through the white paper, and

we succeeded in saving our economy and moving it from the stage of collapse to the stage of growth, and

now Iraq has recorded, according to an international report issued this month, the fastest growth in the Middle East and the second country world with a growth rate of 9.3%.  He pointed out,

"There are those who question the government and do not want these successes to be recorded in its name.

Some say that the document is old while it was issued in October, and with all this, some questioned the reforms of this government, and all the correct measures that it took and that this government is old. Two and a half years, I worked for twenty-eight months and did not receive only six months of the budget, with all this we managed to cross an important stage.”  He explained,

"The central bank's reserves were downward at the moment we received the government, it was 49 billion dollars,

today we have a reserve of 85 billion dollars, and we had gold reserves close to 96 tons, today it became about 134 tons, this did not come randomly, some say from oil prices."

This is not true, as many countries of the world have increased oil prices, but no growth has been recorded in them, and

this is due to the reform paper that we applied."  And he indicated,

"From the first moment, we had a vision to reform the Ministry of Finance, which was adopted by the former minister, and

we presented a set of reform projects, and

it was met with strong objections by parliamentarians and political blocs to prevent reform in the Ministry of Finance and to maintain traditional mechanisms that do not fit the era.

I remember that the former minister He introduced a comprehensive accounting project that required automation and modern methods, but everyone fought it, and yet we worked on it, and it takes time.”
And he continued,

"Comprehensive accountability helps us stop waste, curb corruption, and stop manipulation in many cases, as happened with the issue of secretariats in the Tax Authority, which we announced its disclosure, and some tried to protect the corrupt and thieves and transfer the accusation to the government.

The Ministry of Finance, with all this, I was the first to alert the former minister about this phenomenon in 2021, and directed him to conduct an investigation, and

in light of the investigation, he issued an order to prevent the disbursement of any tax trusts without obtaining the minister’s approval.”  He pointed out,

"Some are trying to obstruct any success, since the first day we announced the anti-corruption project,

we fought corruption and were subjected to great pressure, threats and extortion, and

we saw that the government did not obtain parliamentary sponsorship for known reasons, but rather continued opposition to it, because of the damage to the interests of some,

we announced From the first day, we will fight corruption, and we will end the last day of the government's life by fighting corruption."  He stressed,

"What was announced about the tax issue is one of the great challenges.

History will do justice to this government, and

this will be shown by the investigations that the judiciary is carrying out calmly, and

the judiciary has begun investigations for months and quietly,

but some knew that accountability would reach him, so he tried to It makes a fuss, and takes advantage of some circumstances to create chaos and cover up the real corrupt and the causes of this problem.

When the ministry has not succeeded for more than 17 years, in finding an electronic automation system that integrates with the times and the correct calculation mechanisms, and

if these systems existed, we would not have fallen into these problems, and

the story of the secretariats Taxes are long-lived and have nothing to do with this government and it is old,

but with all this we have taken a decision on the issue of comprehensive accounting and its implementation,

but it needs time because it needs restructuring and arranging some procedures in the ministry.  And he added:

"You remember when there was an uproar about the automation of customs, it also caused a problem.

There were many objections from some, but thank God we signed agreements with the United Nations to re-automate some joints in the Ministry of Finance and it takes many years, and

it was supposed to start since 2003

It was adopted by all the countries of the region and the customs regimes that we proposed are compatible and complementary with 90 countries in the world, including all the neighboring countries of Iraq,

but unfortunately there are those who are trying to blackmail the government and come out with populist and extortionist discourses aimed at bringing down and preventing any achievement of this government.  He stressed,

"There are many parties that have tried to pressure, directly or indirectly, that the ministry not take its measures, despite all this.

The government has adhered to a policy of silence in order to avoid any attempt to frustrate people.

On the ground, the state knows everything, and

if the state wants to open the files, it will cause earthquakes, and

the Iraqi situation cannot withstand earthquakes, but needs construction and patience for the sake of the future of Iraqis.

And we resorted early to the policy of patience and silence, and

we were not willing to exaggerate the problems or engage in political rivalries in an environment in which poverty became a part, the lack of services and the lack of education.  He added,

"We did not want to engage in bickering and thus create despair among the people, so

we preferred silence and let our work stand out, and

we did not want to frustrate the people's resolve.

For the people's eyes, I endured many accusations and slanders and even assassination attempts.

I was subjected to three assassination attempts and did not develop."

The subject, although the last attempt witnessed international pressures to internationalize it, and it refused to protect Iraq and the Iraqis, and

there are those who try to question any step taken by the government in favor of the Iraqis,

with all this we must protect everyone who raised the banner of fighting corruption, and

people know that this campaign of confusion comes to try distorting the investigation or influencing it with false accusations, and

people know who the corrupt are, and

they know that there are big whales behind this operation.”  He said,

"There is no government that fails or succeeds because it has wealth,

the successful country is the one that invests in people's minds.

We see that many countries in the world have wealth, but they are failed countries.

Many countries in the world do not have wealth, but they are successful countries.

Today we have Singapore as a model, and Taiwan, are small countries, but they have the fourth or fifth reserves in the world, and

sometimes they are forced to import stones, and they have been able to build countries that have turned into icons, and

Iraq owns history, civilization, wealth, the younger generation, geography and culture, all the ingredients for success we have, and what we need is fatherhood and honesty in dealing with service files.  And he continued:

"I thank all the ministers who are committed to maintaining public money and abiding by the directives, as well as their attempt to provide services in the most difficult circumstances, as Iraq has not passed a government that remains for two years without a budget.

How did we continue to work then?

And how did we succeed with the deprivation of money?

We prevented the economy from collapsing, And

we built a kind of economic growth in a world that is witnessing a major decline and great challenges for all countries of the world.

We got the second place in economic growth.

Today, we distributed the government’s achievements to you.

Last year, we distributed the first part. It has a high percentage."  He pointed out,

"Some people accuse us that we did not market the achievements,

I say yes: we have a defect in marketing because we did not rely on corrupt money to create electronic armies, and

I do not believe in them, and I believe that in politics there should be a minimum of cavalry qualities and moral values."

Because we work for the people, not for partisan, sectarian or ethnic agendas.  He concluded by saying:

"We have achieved a lot of what we are proud of as a government and as ministers, and

we should not pay attention to the dissonant voices that try to blackmail under the headings of concern for public money while they are the parties most involved in wasting money.

The new ones, in order to work according to all the effort we can, and

I ask the political forces to support the next government, and to

give the Prime Minister-designate a space to carry out his task as soon as possible, and to

prepare yourselves and the files regarding the handover of your colleagues to the upcoming ministers, each ministry in its own ministry, and

I would like to thank you and all those who supported This government,

our bet and our hope for the Iraqi people to interact and embrace hope for a better future than the present.”
Ended 29/R77

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