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Al-Kazemi: The path of the state is paved together with a pure Iraqi will

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Al-Kazemi: The path of the state is paved together with a pure Iraqi will

political    Yesterday (12/11/2021), 19:19
Baghdad - INA

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi affirmed today, Saturday, that the state's road is paved together with a pure Iraqi will, while noting that Iraq is recovering its full health and healing its wounds, respectively.

Al-Kazemi said, in his speech on the occasion of the centenary of the founding of the modern Iraqi state, and followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "It does not mean that Iraq a hundred years ago from today was not a state, here on the land on which the Iraqis' feet stand firmly was the first state known to mankind,

The first law that organized human life, the first policeman whose job was to protect people, and the first regular soldier who defended the borders and sacrificed for them.”

He added: "Here.. on the land that is guarded by the souls of your fathers and grandfathers, it was the first economic organization that preserved rights, property, buying and selling, and the first punishment for transgressors of people's rights, here.. It was the first poetry, art and culture.. the first rule in mathematics.. urban plan..And the first moment of revelation and prophecy.”

He stressed, "The Iraqis' awareness of all this heritage is their responsibility that has been passed down by generations and has reached us, and we will pass it on to our future generations to tell them with clarity and frankness befitting the modern technology era: (Here is Iraq... here is the state... and we have no choice as Iraqis but to defend it and preserve its history." and prevent those who tamper with its capabilities).

He pointed out that "this flowing historical source.. its name is Iraq, history.. diversity.. geography.. culture, architecture and art.. the accumulated experiences with its happy and bitter events.. the interacting languages.. all are not coincidences, but rather are the essence of the concept of the state that imposed itself In 1921 despite all the controversies and jurisprudence.

He continued, "It is time for us to look at our state objectively, to be proud of its achievements, to admit its mistakes, and to move forward, armed with our heritage and the capabilities of our people, to be side by side with all successful countries."

He continued: "Our people, who love the state and are hostile to those who are hostile to it, stood with their country in the most dangerous stage that Iraq has gone through. They knew in every step we took that we were loyal to it and its future and loyal to its legacy... And even when it was exercising its right to criticize and reprimand us, it was and is still waiting for us." What it deserves... and what the Iraqis deserve is great."

He pointed out that "Iraq recovers its full health and its wounds heal successively and rises from its setbacks to occupy its place by the self-will of its people.

Our neighbors, our brothers and the world interact with your will and listen to the voice of Iraq emanating from your depths. You are the people of Iraq and the decision-makers in it and you are the state."

On the withdrawal of foreign combat forces from Iraq, Al-Kazemi said: "In a few days, we will witness the withdrawal of all combat forces of the international coalition from Iraq within the scope of the strategic agreement with the American side, and their role will be in the areas of advisory, as an indication of the ability of the Iraqi forces of all kinds to preserve the security of Iraq and the stability of its people." and its continuous development in this field.

He concluded by saying: "Amid the political disputes and interpretations that emerged from the recent elections, everyone must be reassured.

We will not allow your security and stability to be compromised," noting that "despite all the differences, the political forces, the new currents, the independents, and the elites are the sons of this country and they are keen on it and its security."

He stressed, "The difference in views and orientations is fading in front of everyone's belief that Iraq is our umbrella and our home, and that tampering with it and its future is a red line."

Regarding the failed assassination, Al-Kazemi said: "On a personal level, I highly appreciate every sympathy and message of reassurance and solidarity that I received after the terrorist operation that targeted me weeks ago..

I say in this regard: My life is not more precious than the life of any Iraqi across the country, but it is The path of the state we worship together with a pure and pure Iraqi will, and for its sake every difficulty is facilitated, and our souls are licensed before His greatness.”

He noted that "the path of the Iraqi state may be difficult and painful, but it is the only way that our children and grandchildren can go to, because the state is a betrayal of ourselves first and of the future generations after us, and above all of that a betrayal of our civilizational heritage from Sumer until this moment, and the Iraqi does not betray." himself, not his country.

And he added: “On this glorious day, the centenary of the Iraqi state, I say to you: A century has passed, and long centuries before it, and we are still on this land, the land of the Tigris, the Euphrates, the Shatt al-Arab, the land of the mountains, the plateau, the desert, and the vast plain, the land of our ancestors a thousand years ago and a land Our grandchildren after a thousand years, God willing.”

He concluded by saying: "This is your Iraq, the birthplace of Adam, the birth of Abraham, the land of the prophets, the saints, and the righteous, the state of the Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians and Akkadians, the capital of Abu al-Hassanin Ali bin Abi Talib and the resting place of his body. Art and creativity, this Iraq is your Iraq and the Iraq of all mankind. Preserving it and its heritage is the duty of all of us.”

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