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Al-Kazemi: We have overcome the economic crisis and our people deserve the state and reject the non-state

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2021/08/26 21:10    number of readings 1157    Section : Iraq

Al-Kazemi: We have overcome the economic crisis and our people deserve the state and reject the non-state

Baghdad / Obelisk: The obelisk publishes the most important statement of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, Thursday, August 26, 2021, in the sessions of the National Dialogue Conference

:large_blue_circle: Our responsibility is grave, because the main problem in Iraq, as we see it, was not a problem of demonstrations or the intersection of opinions or ideas, but rather the problem, as we understood it, is the lack of confidence.

The lack of trust in any society in the world is a source of real danger to this society.

:large_blue_circle: We faced a real social crisis, more than just a political crisis, even if its causes were political.

And when society loses its confidence in official institutions and in the political and electoral process, it is on the verge of losing confidence in the state, and these are the highest stages of danger to any society in the world.

:large_blue_circle: We deeply believe that our people do not lose confidence in the state,

so let us understand that the popular movement in Iraq, its essence and depth, is the defense of the state, regardless of the method of expression and the difference in viewing angles on how to practice defending the state.

:large_blue_circle: We accepted the responsibility according to a roadmap consisting of three main points:

The first is to reach fair, fair and early elections.

The second is related to ensuring the security of the citizen and combating uncontrolled weapons.

The third is to address the consequences of the painful events that occurred in Iraq in the month of October of the year two thousand and nineteen and their repercussions, and beyond this history and the fall of dear martyrs among our youth who are demanding their rights.

:large_blue_circle: We focused first on compensating those affected by the families of the October martyrs,

and we issued decisions to include them with all the martyrs' entitlements,

and we insisted on this decision despite the presence of political opposition to it, and we did not retreat from taking it to the end.

:large_blue_circle: We are still holding on to the election date on the tenth of next October, because we are true to our word before our people. We said in the letter of assignment that we will reach these elections.

:large_blue_circle: We have done our duty and taken many steps in terms of supporting the forces and restoring their prestige to play their role in protecting the homeland and the citizen and fighting uncontrolled weapons and crime, whatever their source.

:large_blue_circle: The next government must complete this task, and stress the continuation of the momentum to complete building our security and military capabilities and prevent all armed manifestations outside the framework of the state.

:large_blue_circle: We are determined to prevent Iraq from engaging in regional and international tensions, and we have adopted the principles of good neighborliness with our neighbors and friends, and we have restored distinguished regional and international relations for the benefit of the Iraqi people.

:large_blue_circle: The file of foreign relations is at its best for many years,

and the Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership will be held on Iraqi soil, with wide regional and international participation,

which is a reflection of Iraq’s positive foreign policy that opens new doors for cooperation and support for Iraq in all fields, and Iraq restores its natural and historical size and role in the regional surroundings. and international.

:large_blue_circle: We formed a legal team of retired judges known for their integrity, which has taken the greatest stride in collecting facts about the events of October of the year two thousand and nineteen and their repercussions and circumstances from all concerned parties.

:large_blue_circle: The institutional work of the legal team needs time to ensure its integrity and non-interference in its procedures.

As a government, we have left the concerned team absolute freedom to deal with all files that pertain to the executive authority, its institutions, personalities and files, and we have also left them absolute freedom to determine the mechanism for announcing the final results of the investigation.

:large_blue_circle: We faced no less serious challenges represented by the economic collapse with the collapse of oil prices, and the challenge of the Corona pandemic, and thank God we have overcome the economic crisis together.

:large_blue_circle: Many parties that do not want good for Iraq did not want us to overcome this crisis,

but our people were vigilant and knew the boundary between the careful position and the bidding position that traded in the capabilities of the country, and realized that the crisis needed real decisions and not political outbidding and shouting in the media.

:large_blue_circle: We have prepared the reform white paper to be a road map to save the Iraqi economy from the state of slavery in oil prices, and move it; To be an effective and productive economy in the coming years.

:large_blue_circle: What I am reviewing here does not represent a defense of the government, and it is not electoral propaganda;

Because, as you know, I am not participating in the elections, but it is a framework that must be clear to understand together the challenges facing this country and the paths that must be established in the next stage.

:large_blue_circle: I will work hard to ensure that the recommendations of this conference are present in the government performance, and I urge all of you to cooperate together as people of one country to move our country from a state of conflict, difference, deterioration, doubts and distrust to prosperity, development, strength, work and mutual trust.

:large_blue_circle: All these goals do not occur with words only, but through two basic issues:

The first is to identify the defect frankly, clearly and courageously.

The second is to work on fixing this imbalance, no matter how difficult and painful it is,

and we together insist that our people deserve the future and that they deserve to move from a state of chaos to a state of stability.

:large_blue_circle: Our people deserve the state, and reject the non-state, our people deserve their place among the nations of the earth, and refuse to be a playground for conflicts and whims, our people have their free will, and refuse to be dictated by a foreign will.

:large_blue_circle: The people of Iraq and future generations are the responsibility of everyone, and we have to put our hand in the hands of each other, the government and parliament, national political forces, popular activities, clans, youth, women and professional unions to help our country move forward always, and open future horizons for future generations.

:large_blue_circle: The time for adventures is over.. Today is our date with hard work, and elections are the criterion for choosing who will stand up to this work and gain the people’s trust.

Participate in the elections and support them.

Choose your representatives, and be on the covenant with your people.

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