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Al-Kazemi summarizes the achievements of his government at all levels

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Al-Kazemi summarizes the achievements of his government at all levels

political | 07:29 - 08/10/2021
Baghdad - Mawazine News,

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi accomplished, on Friday, the achievements of his government at all levels.

Al-Kazemi said in a televised speech on the occasion of the October elections: “I stand before you today, a year and three months after the formation of the government, which I had the honor to preside, to renew my commitment and loyalty to my country, and to the great Iraqi people, by making every effort to overcome the crises that surround us, since the fall of the tyrant on the ninth.

Since April 2003, and working together, to awaken the energies of our people and their benevolent forces, to put our country on the path of progress.

He added, "Only a few steps separate us from the early elections, which constituted the essence of the desired political transformation and change, which we sought to achieve with all effort and sincerity, bypassing the various difficulties and complications that you know."

He continued, "Our concern was to create the appropriate political and security environment, so that the elections would be fair, transparent, safe, and respond to your national vision in a manner that preserves your dignity."

Our people have tasks, aspirations and goals that exceed the goals of this stage, and cannot be achieved within a year of the life of a government moving in a minefield.”

He pointed out that "despite the stalkers' doubts about the seriousness of this government, when we set the sixth of last June as the date for the early elections, we had overcome all obstacles to holding them on that date, but the Electoral Commission postponed it, with the approval of the political blocs and the approval of the House of Representatives."

And he added, "We are now hours away from the election date, after we have provided all the necessary requirements for its success, and to ensure its protection and management, in a manner that achieves the will of the voters." maximum free will of the electorate.

He continued: "I distanced myself and my government team from entering as a competing party in the elections, and I committed myself to not aligning with a party, candidate, party or political party, and I did not tolerate our government's leniency towards any violation of the rules of the electoral process, in line with my concept and vision of the role of the state, and the authority politics, as a caretaker of the people and as a framework for public service.

He stressed, "Iraq is not anyone's estate, and the statesman must abide by Iraq before committing to any partisan, sectarian, ethnic or national approach, and to be subject to the values and ethics that control his activity and good performance, and this is what should be embodied in the behavior of everyone who will confront Iraq's leadership in The post-election stage, so that the mistakes of the past are not repeated.

He added, "We did not stop at the accusations, skepticism and injustice that we faced, from lurking parties who found any success of the government to weaken it and isolate its approach that contradicts the supreme national interests," adding:

"We remained silent before the interest of Iraq, and we put the interests of our people before our eyes... and they said our silence was weakness."

But by God, and the right of Iraq and the people of Iraq, behind this silence, there were national positions and action, so that daily work was our platform and our path, and the people of Iraq were our goal and our end.”

He pointed out that "it was clear from the beginning that economic indicators tend to show a financial deficit, which may prevent the insurance of even the salaries of state employees and retirees, and we were not satisfied with ourselves, to bow before this bitter reality, which we inherited, and we become witnesses, and participants in allowing such a collapse."".

He stressed, "We had no choice but to take preventive measures, some were encouraging them in secret, but he went out to bid through the media, to win electoral votes, through a populist speech in which he rejected what he had agreed to in closed meetings, and it was my tongue, they carried me the burden of your mistakes." I'm not afraid of outbidding, and I won't lie to people."

He noted that, "After a year of economic reforms, we are adding more than $12 billion to the state's reserves, to hand it over to the next government, and to establish a comprehensive economic reform approach expressed in the White Paper, which we have started implementing some of its provisions on the ground.

Our goal is for Iraq to move During the next five years,

we will be in the ranks of the prosperous producing countries in the region and the world, and that

the energies of our people be invested in production, work and construction, and that

we stop the slack in the state, and

we launch thousands of agricultural, industrial, tourism and residential projects, projects of roads, bridges, railways, ports, automation and trade, to absorb massive unemployment

On the electric power crisis, Al-Kazemi said: "Despite the enormity of the electric power crisis in Iraq, during one year we made exceptional efforts to advance the energy reality, and address the catastrophic errors caused by poor planning during the past years, and

we jumped production for the first time in the history of the Iraqi state, to 21 thousand megawatts per day, after production was about 16 thousand megawatts for the past years.”

He stressed, "The problem of electrical interconnection with neighboring countries has been addressed, and the international electrical network will be connected during the next year, whether with the Arab Gulf states, Jordan, Egypt or Turkey, in addition to linking with neighboring Iran."

He added: "We decided to start the project to produce Iraqi waste gas, so that Iraq would be able to provide gas for its electrical facilities during the next stage," adding:

"We opened the door to large investments in the field of solar energy, which will be a decisive factor in providing electrical energy, in addition to our launching For a large number of projects in the field of development and production of energy in gas and thermal stations, at the level of renewal of the electric transmission network.

He continued: "This year, we launched a major project to secure more than 650,000 residential plots of land for citizens, to contribute to solving the housing crisis, and we set transparent rules that do not have favoritism or mediation, to distribute them through an electronic program in the name of the Dari Project, and we allocated funds to provide infrastructure for these new areas." and providing housing loans to their beneficiaries, and you will find, God willing, in the coming months, an effective move to implement this vital trend.”

He added, "We also launched large investment plans, and attracted international companies to implement them, bypassing obstacles aimed at continuing the environment of corruption, which repels investors, and we have overcome them.

There are investment cities, and pioneering industrial projects with international standards, which will be present to supplement the Iraqi economy and serve our people," adding:

"We designed To revive and build the long-awaited Al-Faw port project, to be one of the most important ports in the region, and the dry canal project, linking with all neighboring countries through road and rail networks, so that Iraq becomes one of the most important international corridors of global trade, in the coming years.

He pointed out that "during this year, we made a leap in two main areas, the

first is to expand the scope of social care for needy families, and to double the amounts allocated in this aspect, to deal with the damage incurred by these groups, and

we reformed the ration card system by providing a decent food basket for our people,

We ended a history of manipulation and chaos in this field, and we also launched a project to build a thousand schools, to restore dignity to our students and educational staff.”

He pointed out that "the legislative elections are an opportunity to remove the whales of corruption and those who intersect with national values."
Ended 29 / h

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