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The dilemma of government employment/2

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1The dilemma of government employment/2 Empty The dilemma of government employment/2 Wed Jun 09, 2021 11:03 pm



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The dilemma of government employment/2

Mohamed Fakhry Mawla   99 2021-06-09  
Mohamed Fakhry Al-Mawla ||

Most of the economically developed countries are built on entrepreneurial projects and the society’s dependence on itself in solving its service and living problems through societal and non-community entrepreneurship under the auspices of the state, of course through various types of support.

Many lived on the fictitious or space of office management companies.

According to many facts, the compass of progress and prosperity has been lost for most of the private sectors and has put us in a fixed circle lost between the progress of the economic and scientific world and narrow interests.

The dependence of the vast majority of society on this circle has increased because of the fear of entering into the risk and the turmoil of private projects, and the lack of experience in the field after graduation.

Young people with creative energies are forced to rely on government employment with an unfair low salary in the event that they are lucky and get employed and enter the circle of routine without developing, which is where employees resort to corruption and bribery due to the lack of an inadequate salary for the life of their family.

On the other hand, in the event that the young man is willing to enter and open private entrepreneurial and other projects and take risks, the unwillingness of the shareholders or supporters is often the result of state legislation that led to a lack of trust between the shareholders and the owner of the project and the legal tender

Considering the legal contract and the law in general, it is less applicable in the state.

These words are the equation of productivity and performance, and the reality is that the private sector is a partner in building the state because it is a totalitarian state without a private sector that cannot continue or succeed, and just as the private sector cannot move forward because we will enter into capitalism.

The most important detail, the simple young man, we repeat with a lump in the heart and the tongue.

We remained in the same cycle of mistakes and old administrative labyrinths that wasted the investment of these energies,

and it is an indication of the lack of a future vision to benefit and develop the youth and business sector, and we do not forget that there are no state visions for economic and financial construction.

The compass of progress and prosperity is lost As a result, government employment or a rush to a public job was the result.

Because there is simply no safety except in a public job that does not achieve the appropriate income for the employee to end with a low productivity for the employee with a space to benefit from his job position without a sergeant, which produced job slack with large salary differences with no regulation of job behavior, integrity and control only slogans and theorizing and it is the key of the dilemma.

To end the scene now, there are those who live on multiple government institutions, despite their presence within them towards the private ones, with the possibility of having more than one resource working in two institutions at the same time without supervision, with the outputs of jobs at a price.

As for the aliens, they are a segment that has begun to expand horizontally and socially, to chant is a reality without roach.

Finally, a simple law legislates and approves clarifies

First: the philosophy of the post-certificate or academic qualification period (the interval between graduation and work)

Second: Documenting and strengthening the relationship between the social security law for the private and mixed sectors in relation to the retirement law for state employees,

so that the income tax amounts deducted from the private and mixed sectors are transferred directly to that unified retirement fund to be counted within the service and work equation so that the worker in those sectors ends up with a rewarding pension,

with an emphasis on monitoring incomes in a system A sophisticated investment banker, not as it is now from the perspective of the advance and livelihood.

Third: The funds of the so-called taxes and incentives are transferred to the profit shareholder system by transferring profits and revenues to a long-term investment sovereign fund that will be a resource.

If we proceed quickly with these steps in the presence of the great scourge of corruption, there is no reform or reform.

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