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Agriculture: We saved millions of dollars after achieving self-sufficiency with several crops

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Agriculture: We saved millions of dollars after achieving self-sufficiency with several crops

Sunday 22nd November 2020 51
Baghdad: Farah Al-Khafaf

If we want to call the current year at the local economic level, there is nothing better than calling the "year of agriculture".

This sector has proven during 2020, to be the savior in crises, although the ambition is much greater, after it provided a food basket for the citizen when the borders were closed and movement was restricted Because of the Corona epidemic for months,

it achieved self-sufficiency in several crops, saving millions of dollars and employing thousands of labor,

And move the local markets, before the turn of export comes to reach some crops to the neighborhood and the region and cross the Rhine border in the west and the walls of China to the east.

In this regard, a spokesman for the Ministry of Agriculture, Hamid Al-Nayef, told Al-Sabah: "The agricultural experiment in Iraq is today considered successful, as there are 24 items banned from import for abundance in the local markets."

He added, "We have self-sufficiency in the wheat crop, which has saved millions of dollars for the country, despite an attack to strike the local agricultural product."

Al-Nayef pointed to "the ministry's success in restoring support to farmers and fertilizers," noting that

"it is imperative to support farmers and farmers, as well as work to develop this sector by supporting it with adequate financial allocations to revive it, because the agricultural sector is the key to industry and trade and support the economy in the country."

He continued: “After the delay in paying farmers’ dues, which amounted to 3 trillion dinars, the first payment was received two months ago, amounting to 677 billion dinars, and then an amount of one trillion and 800 billion dinars was obtained (the second batch) within the draft law on financing the fiscal deficit, and it will be distributed in return for the dues of wheat and barley And the headache."

Regarding the issue of exporting crops, Al-Nayef announced that "the ministry is working to give licenses to export Iraqi crops to countries of the world, those that register a surplus in the local markets in the country and cannot be entered into industries because there is no suitable ground for that," indicating that

"it is hoped to export 100 thousand Tons of dates to the countries of the world, specifically to 10 countries, and the barley crop is 700 thousand tons, as it will be announced this week in a public auction.

The ministry also hopes to achieve a surplus in the rice harvest (amber and jasmine), and the possibility of exporting it abroad.

Regarding how to benefit more economically from the agricultural sector, Al-Nayef said: “In order to maximize the country's revenues from the agricultural sector, farmers’ dues must be distributed on time, border crossings, local product protection, consumer protection, customs tariff application applied, as well as taxes imposed.

More on the imported product to protect the national product, while controlling prices, strengthening agricultural security, in addition to forming specialized inspection committees to follow up and control local markets and regulate the pricing of crops and products.

In a move to support farmers, Minister of Agriculture Muhammad Karim Al-Khafaji announced that all the sums owed by farmers will be postponed until next year.

In a statement that Al-Sabah received a copy of, Al-Khafaji stressed the importance of supporting and providing the necessary supplies that are included in the agricultural process inputs, both plant and animal.

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