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Economic stability one of the foundations of national security

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Economic stability one of the foundations of national security

22/9/2016 12:00 am
Faris Al-Salman Al-rabeei *

The concept of national security

The concept of national security state as an expression of Government protection and State Parliament and citizens through the policies of imposing political and economic power, diplomatic and military, this concept includes a wide range of challenges affecting military or economic security of the State.

And for the safety of national security, the State needs to economic security, energy security, water security and other episodes which together form the national security system.

The national security challenges are not limited to traditional opponents from other countries, but non-State actors such as drug cartels and others, multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations, no attack challenges also include electronic and natural events and disasters.

And knows the former us Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, national security (national) that any action that seeks to save his right to stay.

Either Robert McNamara, former us Secretary of Defense, he knows that means progress and development, whether economic, social or political protection is guaranteed.

Thus, the concept of national security, in the general definitions that create the conditions for implementing the strategy of comprehensive development plans to ensure the State inside and out to the different dimensions of threats, such as to ensure a stable life for its people have the full power of advancement and progress.

Platform for national security

National security is to oust: economic security and social security, political security, as follows:

1. economic security: to provide economic stability and the development of national industries and raise living citizens and capacity to provide all the requirements of the people of foodstuffs and SOA and provide ways to progress and prosperity and to achieve a State of self-sufficiency of local resources as well as human resources development and create sustainable economic and social development.

2. social security: a peaceful coexistence between all the components of the State by accepting the other party and respect the Customs and traditions of other components regardless of race, religion or creed or security awalshour identity.

3. military security: the sensor is armed and dangerous building defence capabilities and read the intentions of future threats to defend social security, economic and political.

And granted, it cannot build strong State without building a strong economy can fund operational budget and development budget and social welfare provides a security and political stability, breeds complacency and strengthens loyalty through citizen Defense Security and economic gains as well as the strong economy will build a strong military force will defend its role of economic power and political power.

Economic strength depends on the diversification of resources and development and management best through economic Chairperson:


Achieving food security through self-sufficiency in agricultural production and livestock with high ratios for which few are imported with the import by foreign policy and employing diplomatic tools to achieve strategic agreements check vital influence in the importing countries and import sources, as well as the development of strategic alternatives for import sources, creating high flexibility to cope with political and economic crises and natural disasters.

The failure to achieve a high proportion of self will expand import and drain hard currency as well as yielding to blackmail countries monopolize the strategic food commodities.

To achieve food security must expand in major crop production, as well as jobs and secure domestic stability and require upgrading both vertically and horizontally in agricultural production in line with population growth and an abundance of water and irrigation projects have not been watered and reclamation.

The expansion of industrial crop production, in addition to meeting the need, it's financially hard currency surplus, it can be used to cover the costs of importing products not available in the country, and so is the food gap and the gap in the trade balance.

B-oil and mineral resources

I have God on the enormous oil wealth Iraq improved successive Governments invested in top form, and what distinguishes the oil wealth that they almost are distributed between all territories and provinces, as existing gas in oil reservoirs as well as independent gas deposits.

The gas was burning and waste for decades, has recently been attempted with limited gas exploitation without ambition level.

Sulphur exists in Iraq as two types: oil and mining activity, and the last companion of crude oil refineries, separates and must expand in industries using sulfur quality, as well as the establishment and development of ports to export raw sulfur plant, finding foreign markets for export.

Iraq also needs to create new products available on a job well done industries fill the market need as a first stage, the surplus is exported as a second phase, and the industry could provide an alternative a parallel yield export of oil, Iraq could become the maneuver if oil prices fell.

Though we may think we are devastating for the past three years industry as Iraq goes through the current financial crisis resulting from the dependence on oil as the only source of hard currency and established a solid state economy is diverse and multiple resources.

That oil is finite and material threatens Iraqi generations ahead, especially with the innovation of techniques helped extract crude oil and allowed to enter new producers to market led to break the monopoly producers and oversupply which turning it leads to lower prices, and that's exactly what happened, when oil and gas extraction techniques invented rock and sandstone.

As to the other challenge is creating a new industrial techniques rivaling oil as a source of energy like biofuels and clean energy or renewable energy, which in turn became commissioned by decreasing with increasing proportion of use and this will inevitably lead to replacement substitute for fossil fuel power plants.

Hybrid car engine development also represents a step forward towards production of electric car engine with great determination and working with electricity, which will in turn shift in auto fuel is dispensed alhaidrokarboni forever, not to mention that the global trend supports abandon industries and technologies that use fossil fuels that contribute to environmental pollution and the emission of The gases.


Industry is the keystone of economic security, which is part of Homeland Security, they provide job opportunities, technology transfer and contribute to raising the standard of living of citizens, and industry must be based on national capital so that it does not become hostage to foreign powers.

The State must also diversify their industry between civilian industries producing goods for domestic consumption and export, and military industries or military production to reduce reliance as possible on major exporting countries.

Account must be taken of the manufacturing sites are close to areas of occurrence of the initial material taking into consideration secured production sites so as to be out of bounds or expected future conflict zones will be the scene of military operations.


Divided into internal and external trade, internal trade depend on internal procedures and policies adopted by the State within the country's geography, ensuring smooth movement of goods and services legally and smoothly away from monopoly and dumping while maintaining consumer rights.

Other events related to complementary trade in turn provide jobs such as transport and marketing and advertising services and readjustment and restructuring, innovation and development. Etc.

As internal trade is linked to the security and availability of transport routes, and commercial transportation contract are vital to the State of a nerve where sustaining daily operations and at the same time the target strategically plotting sabotage enemy or occupation.

Foreign trade, they depend on the possibility of the State in creating export outlets for national products under intense competition and the wild to control markets, caused by globalization and the domination of multinational corporations and the intercontinental on world markets, as well as policies of dumping and monopoly.

And enhance the capacity of these companies, freeing up capital and open markets in developing countries allowing free movement of capital, and helped to invest short and quick and sometimes average, resulting in migration of liquid foreign exchange speculation and create economic and monetary problems.

To protect markets and sustainability is one of the duties of the national intelligence and national security, negative export markets system breach will be reflected on the loss of markets and shrinking export and shrinking financial flows in hard currency.

Foreign trade is often exercised by a State in order to protect national security through official channels is broken in violation of the sovereignty and aggressive, they create a psychological and moral deterrent to the enemy, and to adopt a policy to respond in kind to say the least.

However, multinational companies, intercontinental has become the dominant force on world trade and trying to extend its control over international trade to replace trade agreements (with the State) to become (State with a multinational company).

Some States are trade routes in the face of President of hard currency, like Egypt and Panama, so note that they invested in the expansion of the Suez channel and Panama to adapt to the requirements of the growth of international trade and the technical requirements of modern transportation tonnage and sunken and reducing transit time.


It is an important and essential element in economic security, availability of Central Bank oversees monetary policy and the performance of national financial institutions represented by governmental and private mixed banks where the national capital, whether to State institutions or companies or citizens as individuals.

So, the Central Bank in any State immunization of penetration, particularly to intelligence penetration or penetrating economic sabotage are hiding in a burkha named financial corruption to ensure not to expose the operator to hack, thus defaulting in penalty would be best as punitive substance revolves around bribery and embezzlement while economic vandalism and treason, whether by the or without the knowledge of the enemy's hidden intentions, which applies to banks and private and mixed (civil war).

All these actions will lead to shrinking liquidity and disrupt business operations and reluctance to invest capital in new projects and to reduce the money invested in the existing business courses in order to reduce the risk.

That is extremely important to the national capital in national financial institutions to be invested by funding development projects in industry, agriculture, trade, tourism and services. Etc and this will provide employment and reduce unemployment and alleviate demand for government jobs and raising of the national employment rate which in turn would lead to the upgrading of vocational and higher education and developing the standard of living for individuals And groups.

The national capital is itself a productivity tool, if properly used, they produce a cash surplus be set aside or hired partly or wholly provided used in successful economic activity and planned well.

So the national security requirements, the State shall safeguard economic security by providing stability and safety and immunity of the national capital, has an important role in development and increase the income of the State and individuals.

The stability of the national capital will enhance other activities and therefore supports the platform for economic and national security, and this in turn would strengthen the national currency, as well as reduce the need for foreign loans that pay interest or services to religion and yielding to international lending institutions bargains, as well as the formation of brake or buffer against the impact of economic crisis.

In the final analysis, there are States realized the importance of economic advancement and planned properly to maintain economic security and the advancement of their reality, Japan was able to overcome the geographical realities and the scarcity of natural resources and has become one of the major industrial countries, although it does not have the natural resources and energy sources as materials imported from abroad.

And managed to overcome the factors that threaten the existence and nature imposed itself through optimal strategic planning as well as prudent management and absolute loyalty to the homeland.

It created nuclear reactors to provide electricity and create quality and manufacturing innovation and creativity as well as achieving social justice and the welfare of the Japanese people.

As there are States able to exploit its geographical location as a Centre for re-export to neighboring countries,

Kuwait has played this role in the sixties and seventies and eighties, but ebbed after 1990 to solve the U.A.E. Exchange that became a Trade Center, regionally and globally, and supported by the free zones where moulded to be industries close to consumption markets and supported by seasonal marketing events, exhibitions, supplemented by a network of roads, ports and airports as well as hotels and shopping tours, and devised to maximise its beaches In a clever way by digging parallel to the coast and lagoons in depth and thus increased the line of beaches which contributed to the high value of land bordering water bodies lagoons and industrial and maritime and industrial Islands history.

Such examples suggest that achieving economic security is possible, needs a sound economic planning and political class conscious and eager to the welfare of its people, and God bless

* Head Economic Forum of Baghdad

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