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Economic / Agriculture sections, food security and national security

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Economic / Agriculture sections, food security and national security

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93 2020-08-16
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Iraq is called Mesopotamia

And the land of Al Zawra

And black country

It was said in the old days that good will not be implemented from Iraq

This is the country that contains the components of agriculture is complete and considered by experts

The best agricultural production areas

Because it contains

1. Labor (human factor)

2. Chemical and organic materials (such as sulfur and animal waste)

3. Water resources (Tigris and Euphrates)

4. Fertile land

And I wanted to add another point that I consider important for those interested in economic affairs, which is the consumer market

As for the obstacles, they are

1. Weak oversight and government neglect

2. Weak financial support for farmers

3. Lack of real will to pay attention to this aspect

4. Complex routine

I try to summarize the topic, so I will give one example on the fourth point

Complex routine

If an Iraqi citizen wants to obtain a plot of agricultural land, he must review the following departments

District Agriculture Directorate

Governorate Agriculture Directorate

District Municipality Directorate

Governorate Municipality Directorate

Department of Antiquities and Heritage

The oil company in the province

After that, the books are transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture in the capital, Baghdad, and this takes about a year or more.

Go back to the topic.

The percentage of agricultural yield production may not exceed 2% in relation to the general budget of the Iraqi state, but this percentage is good, but excellent for several reasons. If we had 25 other non-oil outlets, this would constitute 50% and thus work to reduce the operational budget of future governments, employ manpower and reduce temperatures. And many more.

Some time ago, the government decided to contract with Saudi Arabia for the latter’s acquisition of two million dunams here. I want to say that Saudi Arabia has much more arable land than this number, and thus we will know its intentions, which is one of the two. Either creating a market close to its commercial industry or its security control of the region, which is considered an area Not safe and flabby

It will eventually be a center for terrorism

Therefore, the Iraqi side should develop Iraqi agriculture, away from the interference of neighboring countries, and to quote easy and implementable ideas that benefit the local product for the Iraqi citizen and the Iraqi state.

We will take Egypt as an example, President Sisi

The Egyptian desert was offered by two million acres for agriculture and livestock, and the Egyptian government banks were opened wide for the Egyptian citizen in exchange for small benefits, and after only two years the entire land was exploited with the help of the government, which delivered electric power and drilled wells and sent experts and specialists to help small agricultural investors

There is also an alternative plan, which is one of my thoughts, if the state is working to withdraw ten thousand members of the Popular Mobilization Forces and the Tribal Mobilization Forces and ten others from the Ministry of Defense and one brigade from the border police in the region and hand over the tape between Anbar. Karbala. Najaf will be transferred to the Ministries of Defense and Agriculture and transfer part of the budget of the Ministry of Defense to the project and are working on resettling workers there to hit us with two stones, the first of which is securing the area and the second, Iraq will return to its first position in palm cultivation.

Finally, I liked to note some points

1. We do not need the water resources of the two rivers, as the world is currently dependent on well water

Also, the old irrigation methods have ended, and the current method of drip irrigation is used, and this will ease the agricultural workers

2. Qatar relies on some of its farms on coconut husks and imports thousands of tons of it due to the weak soil, while Iraq is rich in elements.

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