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How to demolish Iraq corruption led to the emergence of "ISIS"?. Officials spent $1.7 trillion

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Monday, 05 September 2016 19:32

How to demolish Iraq corruption led to the emergence of "ISIS"?. Officials spent $1.7 trillion

Baghdad/follow baghdadia news. A few years ago, when Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki remains in Office, a team of aides traveled to Oman, Jordan and they rented suites in one of the city's most luxurious hotels.

They went to Oman to hold meetings with foreign businessmen who attended in order to obtain lucrative contract for a project in the field of energy, would help to restore destroyed infrastructure of Iraq.

Like the rest of Baghdad, Iraq, in a State of chaos, because it was too dangerous for visitors to go to it, plus it was Oman provides greater privacy from the Iraqi capital, which was a prerequisite for holding these meetings, business was coming to offer bribes to Maliki and other top government officials in Exchange for a contract, according to a report by the New American Republic.

These meetings are chaired abudi Rikabi ngiman, Director of Protocol of Premiership, Maliki and patriotic men, corruption and cruelty.

Munir Haddad, President of the Special Court which sentenced Saddam Hussein's execution, a complaint in 2014 that they threatened him with death if he did not intervene to stop the investigation into alleged security devices to kill political and commercial rivals, after several days of the complaint, was mourning the target of a botched assassination attempt. The fact has not yet been completed.

45% of the deal.

According to one businessman who attended meetings in Oman, "Rikabi requirements were simple from won the contract on delivery of 45% share of the deal, plus a prepayment huge Iraqi company controlled by officials close to Al-Maliki that the Iraqi company, in return, offering bribes to a number of politicians, mostly from the ruling Dawa party, Maliki belongs, plus a few Kurdish officials to get their approval before the energy project arises.

"The people who run the company they didn't know the details of this project, they were only dreaming of wealth, it wasn't about the professionalism, experience and role of the stapes was confined to the distribution of funds.

As an investor, you might not get any profit for five or six years. But politicians receive their stake in advance."

Not surprised any of businessmen at the meeting how daring or corruption.

Foreign firms moving to contribute in the reconstruction of Iraq are forced to take Iraqi officials as partners in order to secure the deal.

American taxpayers were sent to arm Iraqi soldiers in the war against Al-Qaida often disappears in accounts in Swiss banks.

Don't buy weapons already, but more, the funds ultimately fall into the hands of America's enemies.

It has been very widespread corruption, he even helped pave the way for completely new threat.

The company won a contract for energy in Oman is no longer able to complete the project, the land on which the project was planned on it soon dominated organization of ISIS.

1.7 trillion dollars.

Still causes America's adventure in Iraq to cause controversy, how can the United States, having spent about 1.7 trillion dollars of taxpayer money, to publish more than 115 thousand troops to topple Saddam Hussein and rebuild the country, to end up with a failed State led to the emergence of a new type of terrorism.

The US report wonder: was it a failure of military strategy, or the political will? Can we finish the war quickly, or that it took longer than necessary? You didn't spend enough to rebuild the country's infrastructure, or we have our assistance to the wrong places?

The answer may be much simpler, more humiliating end to "men who forged them ruling in Iraq robbed us, if the resources were used as required, since a terrorist displayed is flag now."

The businessman says he tried to get a deal that "Maliki was with his people mouthed about it, we didn't know at all who gets the money, but Al-Maliki got a share of every transaction, with other officials, I have set up a detailed system make it sound as if it was already performed on the development of contracts and legal tender, but it was all havoc. And just like that she was a lot of money."

It is difficult to overestimate the devastating role game corruption in Iraq collapses and the rise of ISIS.

According to a report published March 2016 by the Audit Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, the country's Defense Ministry has spent 150 billion dollars on arms in the last ten years, but only got $20 billion worth of weapons.

A large part of the equipment was obtained secondhand, bought equipment made in the 1970s by former Soviet bloc countries, invoices are issued four times the actual value.

Contagious alamirkihanh report says "in late 2015, sources told me that the Pentagon sent a shipment of new weapons to the Iraqi Government, including sniper rifles, it was supposed to be sent to Sunni fighters in Anbar province.

Instead, he sold corrupt officials in the Iraqi Interior and defence ministries to "terrorist" used by ISIS to kill Kurdish fighters (Peshmerga)."

Former official says us Central Intelligence has spent considerable time in Iraq that Kurds still use equipment that we gave them in 2003, they are forced to buy ammunition and weapons given by the American Government to Baghdad from Iraqi Government officials are corrupt".

Weapons are not the only target of corruption. When it comes to sums of money that flowed into Iraq for reconstruction and economic development, officials at every level of Government more focused on filling their pockets to rebuild their country.

Employ foreign companies seeking to get deals in Iraq good relationships with brokers, to bribe senior officials in Exchange for contracts.

In the case of recently emerged, many of us energy giants, including Weatherford and FMC Technologies assignment company operating in the energy sector based in Monaco, called Unaoil.

In 2012, the Unaoil paid millions of dollars for senior Iraqi officials in Exchange for contracts awarded to Unaoil clients, with huge profits often, because the Government agreed to buy products and services at exaggerated prices.

And so, drained funds earmarked for reconstruction by corrupt officials and private companies.

Internal emails revealed that Unaoil paid the biggest bribes to two Iraqi officials call them M and Teacher.

If the latter is Hussain Shahristani, who was oil Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in the reign of Al-Maliki, was M allaibi cream, which is behind the oil Ministry Shahristani.

It was another beneficiary of dhiya Jafar al-Musawi generously Unaoil, Lighthouse has his code name in emails. And as oil Advisor to a number of Heads of Government, including Maliki. Since then, was appointed Vice Minister of petroleum refineries.

Says Eric Gustafson, Director of the Centre for education for peace in Iraq, "has been replaced technocrats in key ministries to politicians who are beholden to their parties, there is a competition for government contracts are given to favourites party."
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