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Directions to make FAO Global Trade Center

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Directions to make FAO Global Trade Center

26/7/2016 8:12 pm
Baghdad – Hussein Tamimi thghb-joy of pumice.

Coinciding with the Government to put the large port of Faw implemented investment and international economic city directions that place universally important, experts to develop the FAO peninsula this way achieves significant cost to Iraq and specialized international companies, are the biggest world economic centers for being an important industrial trade center will become the closest point between the poles of the world.

The shortest way

Baghdad hendas Hadi Economic Forum Member said that Iraq has a gate opening to the East and Arab world ends and have shorter ways linked and that by itself a strength of Iraq's economy, pointing out that international companies realize this fact constantly studying the realities of working in Iraq and how to be an investment foothold in this country which is one of the most important countries of the world economically.

Added in the interview for «morning» the great port of Faw represents an important starting point and lively destination all world economies where most of the attractions in this place, especially the ease of transport towards different countries by means of transport does not require high costs for near distances and mediate the FAO peninsula routes linking polar world.

Hendas said: the mounting voices prompted the creation of the great port of Faw and salad «city» Faroes Riverbed requires economic representing the axis success in linking polar world and the shortest way, pointing to the need to create new highways or expanding existing roads towards the Mediterranean ports and railways in the same direction d bring new economic benefits to Iraq through employment opportunities that are available along the riverbed that require different services.

Multiple revenue

Economic Affairs Specialist Ahmed either charge has been described both projects important and needed for the country and that sections would be transferred Iraq to the ranks of developed nations because they other with global economy, pointing to the need to accelerate their plans to transform reality achieves the highest economic viability of Iraq and moves it to multi stage revenue.

He noted that these projects provide new positive points for international companies not available in ports and regions and this represents an element of attraction for global effort The specialist.

Job opportunities

Economic Affairs specialist said Toufiq Ali of «morning»: to create a great port of Faw will confirm that the pivotal State in the region, Iraq for its usefulness as a focal point between the Nations of the world, pointing out that the Harbour will also contribute to employment and increased trade by transporting goods, as well as finance charges earned from wages of piers and warehouses.

Artistic agent had to TSA Abbas Imran assured him» morning», the Ministry will hold a workshop on Wednesday in Basra, consider putting companies accurately and open to competitive strategy and international importance of the project, stressing that the FAO port will transit and an important Corridor Railway and sea and land for many regional States to Europe.

Preliminary preparations

Imran said that the workshop are important, especially as it adds representatives from 29 global investment company, these companies have a long tradition in maritime work, so it will come up with visions of paving to initiate project assignment after one of the companies, especially the initial preparations (breakwater and other) performed almost entirely.

The project has as base designs container wharf along the 39 yards, and another Jetty length 2000 meters, as well as from a container yard with an area of over 1 million m², another arena multipurpose space for 600, 000 m 2, capacity of port 99 million tonnes a year, with the total cost of creating four billion and 400 million euros, it is hoped that connects with a railway line connecting the Gulf across Iraqi ports in Northern Europe through Turkey.

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