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Iraqi market for securities Iraqi market for securities uses Bnazdak to make it a financial center on the regional and global level

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Iraqi market for securities
Iraqi market for securities uses Bnazdak to make it a financial center on the regional and global level

Author: HAA
Editor: AF, BS
06/29/2013 16:07

Range Press / Baghdad
The Foundation signed a NASDAQ Global Market, on Saturday, an agreement with the Iraqi market for securities to develop the system work in business dealings, and showed institution that the agreement includes replacement of the stock market Iraqi its system current ones will make it a platform for stock trading fast and sophisticated at the global level, as confirmed by local officials that partnership with the NASDAQ will make Iraq a financial center for all commercial activities of regional and global markets.
He said the first deputy chairman technology stock market in an institution NASDAQ Lars Ottarsgard in an interview for إنفستر news economic and briefed him (range Press), "The Corporation NASDAQ NASDAQ Global Stock Exchange and headquartered in New York and signed with the Iraqi market for securities ISX agreement to develop the system work the Iraqi market, the current business dealings and congratulate the Iraqi stock market on their pledge to develop their commercial system to occupy their place at the forefront of the market based on modern technology in the Middle East
He Oter Sgaard that "according to the terms of the agreement Vstqom stock market Iraqi replace its system of current ones backed technology company X-Stream X-Stream Technology of the NASDAQ, as will be the introduction of developments technological modern stock market in mid-2014," noting that "the updates that Stdkhalha technology X Stream on the Iraqi stock market system will make it a platform for business transactions fast and sophisticated, which will increase to attract investors in the Middle East and the global level. "
For his part, said Michelle Carlson, head of business development for the Middle East and North Africa in the NASDAQ "We are very proud بتقديمنا Technology X-Stream modern to support the development of the stock market of Iraq to become a market recognized brand in the region and be the station to attract investors to local and international alike."
In turn, the director of the Iraqi market for securities Taha Abdul Salam said that "the market's administration is committed to making it one of the most bourses Tjaddeda and active in the Middle East and across the world," noting that "the modernization and development of the system our commercial technological with the survival of our continuing partnership with the NASDAQ is a clear indication for investors The stock market dealers that Iraq will continue to be the financial center of all activities of regional and global trade. "
He said Abdul Salam that "the process of modernization and according to the technology company X-Stream X-Stream will provide the Iraqi market for securities most modern techniques of technology stock trading in accordance with the international standards and the adoption of this technology is a step in an ambitious market Iraqi Stock Exchange to become a point of attraction in the Middle East capable of hosting and facilitate other regional Alasouk activities. "
During a period of less than ten years the proportion of stock trading business in the Iraqi Stock Exchange tenfold expectations of sales of shares to more than $ 1.2 billion during the year 2013 while the increased market capitalization seven-fold during the same period to reach more than 12.170 billion dollars in the first six months in 2013 only.
The technology NASDAQ X-Stream currently used in more than 25 exchange in the world market.
And the market for securities Iraq three branches in Baghdad and Erbil, Najaf and the latter opened in the seventh month of January 2013.
It is noteworthy that the Iraqi market for securities, which was established in June 2004, which was founded and was following a manual trading prior to the adoption of electronic trading in part on 19 April 2009, and then fully in the year 2010, and traded in the market dozens of companies specializing in sectors including banking, industry , hotels, tourism, agriculture, and the number of sessions the market in the year 2010.236 session, during which trading of more than 256 billion shares worth more than $ 339 million through the implementation of 71 thousand a decade, and in 2009 the number of sessions the market 152 a session, it was a circulation of about 211 billion shares valued at 307 million dollars through the implementation of the 49 thousand contract.

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