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Businessmen and investors are looking to enter the local market

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Businessmen and investors are looking to enter the local market

05/7/2018 12:00 am
Washington / Nafie Fartoussi

Iraqi and Arab businessmen, investors and investors expressed their desire to enter the Iraqi market, which they described as "promising" for the foreseeable future.

He praised the efforts of the Iraqi government after the expulsion of terrorist organizations and the adoption of a free market economy, as well as facilities to promote the Iraqi economy, which attracts many companies and companies in various continents of the world.

food products

Arab businessman Ziad Nashashibi explained to the "morning" the desire of his group specialized in food industries and products to enter the Iraqi market and the holding of some production lines, especially in Babylon and Basra and Karbala in the field of dates and food packaging, pointing out that many Iraqi products are required in the Canadian and American markets, By the Arab communities Resident in them.

Nashashibi said that "he will meet with his Iraqi counterparts at a conference will be held soon in Istanbul, Turkey in preparation for the arrival of his group and its investment in this area Iraq".

A promising market

The Iraqi investor Walid Hormuz said that "the Iraqi market is gaining a good vitality to be located in an active and rapidly growing first, and to provide features such as effective availability of natural resources and human resources and expertise, which heralds a promising future for the Iraqi people in the next few years.

Hormuz said that he "made contacts with the Iraqi Investment Authority and there are studies and steps made good progress before the start of two projects, one residential in the outskirts of the capital Baghdad, and the other industrial related to the field of steel and steel may be implemented in Basra or Najaf."

Praising the facilities provided by the Investment Authority, such as tax exemptions and the speed of resolution of the procedures for the allocation of land through a single window and simple symbolic rent allowances and for relatively long periods of time.

Auto assembly

Elias Damer Jian, an American industrialist of Lebanese origin, spoke to us about the desire of his company (KLQ), which specializes in the manufacture and supply of American car parts (Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge Chrysler) by opening two branches in Erbil and Babil.

"For about a year, the Iraqi market has been studying and seeing it as healthy, active and highly regarded by customers and industrialists," Damarjan said.

He pointed to the possibility of setting up a line for the collection of small trucks and sedans after the conclusion of an agreement with the Iraqi Ministry of Industry, where he holds a Chevrolet to collect small cars and trucks type (Saturn) Noting that "the budget of projects that he intends to implement in Iraq close to 450 million dollars."

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