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Financial market investors' targets

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1 Financial market investors' targets on Sun Nov 13, 2016 11:00 pm


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Financial market investors' targets

14/11/2016 12:00 am
Baghdad/Emad Emirate

Check the financial economy double digit market growth of the national economy and the family economy through investment in sustainable development oriented investments to the national economy.

Financial market also play a clear role in absorbing a large portion of domestic savings and other part of foreign almddaran, called for the country's economic profile-based interest in the securities industry to keep up with the global markets, as many owners of financial savings there is no room for investing through these markets, according to observers, this Alamo to find their way into money seekers, business sector, who are in dire need to fund their projects in the form of investments Real.

Academic Dr Emad Al-Ani said that investment mechanisms reflected in the financial market in the form of increases in the rate of investment which increases economic growth by attracting surplus funds by this market.

High liquidity

He said in an interview for "morning" by increasing the movement of such funds and speeds in the market that makes the market enjoy a high degree of liquidity of the economy to raise the rates Growth.

Financial market liquidity concept differs from the general concept of the market, the last known as the ability to turn them into cash quickly, easily and at low cost, while the first known as trade buying and selling securities, the ability to issue stock and easily traded is that facilitated the process of accumulation of funds in the financial market.

The portfolio

ANI explained, one of the most important reasons that motivate the owners of funds for investment in the portfolio is that these investments have quickly implemented quickly converted to cash easily and at low cost.

Noting that it depends on the degree of liquidity of the financial market and effectiveness as more effective market liquidity increased the tools so I took these tools match assets in terms of liquidity except currency and deposits.

Commercial banks

And ANI: enjoy these investments appropriate returns for individual dealers, especially those fixed income instruments, which pays individuals savers to transfer their money to the commercial banks and other financial institutions, which usually take the form of annual returns on bank deposits or quarterly financial market to invest in a variety of tools Returns.

High demand

Debi ANI, if there is a high demand for underwriting new securities in the primary market (release) parallel high demand also in the secondary market (stock price), that would facilitate the possibility of borrowing from the financial market to asylum seekers and also shows the existence of sufficient liquidity to absorb the newly issued securities as well as quickly traded in the market Finance.

Investors' goals

ANI concluded his speech by saying: the financial market had achieved the goals of investors capital seekers through easy financing of investment projects and hence reduce the liquidity problem afflicting Investors.

At the same time also the wishes of the Exhibitor dekhrin of capital to ensure adequate profits by directing their money in the form of a variety of securities, then the flow of funds from savers to investors through financial market.

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