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Localize service expanding central payroll

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1 Localize service expanding central payroll on Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:26 pm



Localize service expanding central payroll

14/3/2018 12:00 am

For its role in supporting the banking capital

Baghdad/Hussain thghb

Pat promotion payments represents the most important steps to develop financial systems in Iraq and catch up with developments in the payment systems in the developed world, where the Iraqi Central adopts serious steps to move to make payment systems in the public and private sectors are managed Electronically.

Director General payments in Central Bank gave Abdul Karim said the CBI's desire to develop electronic payment mechanisms and what rhymes and global developments, where we deploy sophisticated payment technologies across the regions of Iraq without exception, include all public and private transactions Public and private".

The importance of moving

The past days' workshop in Maysan province on the importance of moving to an advanced payment system, as well as activate the POS targeted different segments of society from conservative officials and some services, as well as traders and owners of malls and supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and other To activate a theme of POS in collaboration with Maysan governorate.

She noted that "the audience listened to a detailed explanation about the importance of resettlement and the mechanism established by the Central Bank to implement the decisions of the Council of Ministers No 313 for 2016 and 2017 year 281.

Freedom of choice

Maysan Governor stressed to Dawie during his speech at the opening of the workshop on "the importance of this step is to then review the province settling its employees' salaries, free employee choice discretion based on the advantages provided by each Bank and next week will choose all The bank officer fulfills his wishes to then deal with those banks and starting salary settlement, announcing that the first to resign his paycheck in banks."

Make offers

Each Bureau staff offers banks and other circles associated with maintenance and other services. She was General Manager of payments in Central Bank gave Abdul Karim said: to catch up with the global development is inevitable, especially Pat money made depends on sophisticated systems a beneficiary of technological developments in the world; because they fit the requirements of the shortened work time and effort So much for the former.

A large percentage

"She turned and disbursement of salaries through electronic payment is important and positive shift achieves great merit of the national economy and maintain a large proportion of liquidity within the banking system," pointing to

"work to make electronic payment mechanisms across the Iraqi Central Bank, noting with some Previous attempts but outside Central chute".

Complete operations

Director of training and management in private banking association Ahmed al Hashimi emphasized "the importance of banks went towards electronic banking and information technology, to be dealt with by the exact shape that leads to complete financial transactions in accordance with customer's requirements on disagreeing, so we have to provide products Rivals which offer regionally And internationally."

"The international companies and reconstruction requirements require sophisticated technology, Iraq is able to possess the sophisticated products yield, especially after victories over" terrorist "ISIS and orientation for the development of the private sector in the joint technology resources Mankind".

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