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The first two apply payroll localization project

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The first two apply payroll localization project

Tarikh التحریر:: 2017/11/23 12:57 • 1049 times its read

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}
Iraqi Central Bank announced Thursday the success of the first two ministries apply the draft resettlement payroll lmlakathma.

The Director of the information Office of the Central Bank and Acer in a statement received puissant {Euphrates news} "in response to the directives of the Cabinet Secretariat under resolutions {313} for 2016 and 2017 {281} decision after successful resettlement of Iraqi Central Bank staff salaries after circulating The project to other ministries and Government institutions and all configurations, the first two ministries after the Central Bank, electricity and oil to localize their salaries with the participation of a number of Government and private banks.

He noted that "the current November month salary {MEW Center} and {oil pipelines company} affiliated to the oil Ministry, received via e-card through the participation of a number of Government and private banks.

Jabbar added that "chose those banks through the employee himself after reviewed and considered the submissions" likely to "testify next December month adding other ministries to draft resettlement salaries."

The localization of salaries is the process of converting staff salaries with private or public of manual payroll is received from their constituencies that are received from the banks and State banks or civil war through a special account opened in the bank employee and dragging him by the electronic payment card or To receive cash from the Bank.

This system began to spread in many countries of the world with business expansion and banking services with the growing volume of electronic transactions as a result of these banks and banks sought to reduce the time, effort and cost in their dealings and dealings of various financial and leave citizens deal with cash and risk.

Localize system enjoy salaries several advantages and financial benefits many service employees such benefits vary between a Bank and another to reduce settlement risk of transferring the money the employee in cash, and will give each employee carries a special card for salary compensation can withdraw his salary different POS {cashier /POS/Internet/.} Locally and globally.

As the employee has full freedom to deposit and withdrawal and remittance according desire at any time, and the employee may not be any fees for opening an account, and may exempt employee salary of regular monthly commissions for the employee such as {low balance/account management Commission}, plus it satisfies employee nominal sum for some Z financial services such as service transformation and payroll card {this will be subject to agreement with compensation}.

May be made available to an employee to salary card used to withdraw cash or purchases, and enjoy free electronic banking services employee without benefits, as well as to settle the salary the employee will provide a package of banking products and services and facilities, and helps the employee to automatic saving and withdraw his need Only.

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