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US giants Daash financed through the purchase of oil getaway

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US giants Daash financed through the purchase of oil getaway

Monday, 11/23/2015 0:50

/ Othello Alajafal / Baghdad news
organization Daash terrorist, lies the threat to the whole world is not in its ability to attract volunteers to its ranks, not the amount of fighters who belong to him, but being the richest terrorist organization in the world, exceeding its budget after the occupation of Mosul, seizing banks and bank funds in the city , the budgets of some (countries) African small, but at the same time, before the occupation of Mosul, nearly year and a half, and attacks Daash on the Iraqi and Syrian security forces, not to mention the terrorist operations that swept the world, is supposed to make it a material weakness, where he was supposed to ends this budget, or at least diminish, However, observers are seeing is not affected by the terrorist organization remains financially ... the question ... What is the most dangerous sources of financing Daash? says Energy Institute in Iraq, he said "Daash controls the production of approximately 30 000 barrels of oil per day in Iraq, and 50 000 barrels in Syria, and sells them on the black market at a lower price of $ 40, would receive nearly $ 3.2 million a day, the equivalent of 100 million dollars a month. "He says the American blogger Kelsey Harkness in an article I followed and translated "Baghdad News" that "oil revenues Asthsalha Daash allow him the financing of terrorist attacks, and to attract more recruits from around the world, including the United States." adds Harkness said, "More importantly, is the United States and the international coalition failed to cut off smuggling routes oil, where the coalition did not take the smuggling seriously, did not target oil infrastructure in the areas controlled by Daash seriously. "refers Bloomberg Research Institute that" Washington's efforts to cut off funding for the organization Daash have failed, despite the fact that the campaign went on by more than a year, a strong funding but still as it was before. "He says the international policy analyst at the RAND Corporation, funded by the foreign and defense ministries of the Americas Benjamin Bahni that" the latest round of air strikes are directly linked to the new strategy of the US administration, where they had been Initially the strike as oil, and do so in a serious manner. "He adds Bahni that" Daash certainly has additional sources of funding, like kidnapping civilians and launch Asraham for ransom, the sale of slaves who their families, and looting of agricultural land and cultivated drug, but without the slightest doubt, the main source of funds is oil. "refers Bahni that" the risk is not the only oil, but also how to maintain Daash thousands of barrels and the method of delivery of the world via Turkey through a pipeline up to the refineries directly, Valtsaal important, from the ones who are fleeing Daash oil? . "Says an Iraq expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Michael Knights that" Daash transports refined from Syria oil to Iraq for the perpetuation of the war machine, and sell it to the owners of the civil generators, despite the fact that the international coalition hit refineries because it was believed that the refined oil is the source to finance Daash President, however, that the terrorist organization resorted to operations of refining crude, and making and established refineries own in the presentation of the Syrian desert Mahadah of Iraq. "recognize the US Department of Defense Pentagon that the" international coalition to avoid for more than a year hit tanker trucks to limit civilian casualties. We've been watching the oil flow Daash to all parts of the public for a year. " he says Knights "The United States began the new its strategy in November 16 when destroyed four US aircraft 116 oil truck, where I realized the Pentagon that the campaign to Daash over the past year was an epic disaster, where after more than a year and found Daash stronger than ever, and more importantly, that the arteries of the revenue life was largely unchanged during this year. "says Kelsey Harkness" The campaign relationship Daash, flooding the world market with oil still is Unknown, but it certainly strange coincidence that stumbles Brent and WTI last fall only when the organization Daash the back of this appearance dramatic on the world stage. "He adds Harnques that" major international companies may be exploited cuts put forward by the Daash sell oil , including companies (Gelenkurs, and Vilos, and Travigoras, and Mirkoureas), the financing of terrorism striking the wall laws, and taking advantage of relations with major countries as companies intercontinental ".

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