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US site: Obama administration realized the poor appreciation of the revenue from the oil trade Daash getaway

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US site: Obama administration realized the poor appreciation of the revenue from the oil trade Daash getaway


Translation: Ahmed Alaa

Weeks of the Paris attacks, which killed 129 civilians ago, US warplanes resumed raids to hit the oil fields and parts of the vast oil infrastructure in areas controlled by militants, the extremist organization areas, because the organization has become an army when it dominated the rich oil fields there.

Strikes which are aimed at untapped oil fields by militants Daash came as US officials do not know the unseen, but the Obama administration was abusing appreciation in targeting terrorist organization. US intelligence for its part confirmed blatantly that the damage to the organization was fruitful after targeting oil fields, in particular that the proceeds of militants Daash from the sale of oil amounted to 400 million, according to estimates by intelligence Alamirkah.ksm data in the US Treasury Department issued a report following the Paris attacks, specifically hours after the bombing of a football stadium in the French capital in which he said that "militants Daash have access to $ 500 million annually from the sale of oil."
He acknowledged Colonel Steve Warren, US air strikes that disrupted the operations of the organization from the sale of oil for a period of not more than a day or two.
Benjamin Behna, international policy analyst at the RAND Corporation, assisted in the preparation of a study on financial regulation Daash and how to manage his money through its own offices says, "the Obama administration misunderstood the oil crisis in the beginning and it seems to have returned to its senses again."
He adds Benny, that Treasury officials who reviewed radical on oil revenues, after it received intelligence that the new reports that operations Daash petroleum exceeded descriptions, which the Pentagon's push to think seriously about fighting organization Priya by sending US troops to Iraq last May.
The United States, began to focus on hitting financial resources of the terrorist organization in the north-eastern Syria, as evidenced by it targeted what is known as the "Prince of oil," a leader of the organization Daash known as Abu Sayyaf, according to the leaders of the Pentagon.
US Treasury Department officials were charged, on how to access information on financial regulation Daash, especially after officials refused to comment on how access to this information earlier, especially she's talking about owning and Treasury officials Abu Sayyaf books that are the foundation in drawing estimates of the financial volume of the terrorist organization.
Benny says, it is not clear how the United States got this information but he doubted that the latest round of air strikes are the cause of access to that information.
Analysts are concerned today is how to get the United States on the information you talk about financial regulation Daash, but they are estimated at the same time, the militants have resources other than the sale of oil, such as the sale of slaves and make money out of the hostages as well as control over the agricultural land that could keep the organization fighting for years because those lands come estimated at about $ 500 million through the export of crops across the black market financial resources.
He received Daash regulation of the oil sector large sums of money after the control wells. During the video leaked to the organization of strips on the execution of civilians in the summer of 2014, analysts found images and movies, said the executions were taking place at the border crossings, and this reveals that the organization was in control there is strong to secure crude oil smuggling operations, as well as use ways was Saddam Hussein Asthaddamha for smuggling Oil in 1990, after the United Nations imposed economic sanctions.
Michael Knights, an expert on Iraqi affairs at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, says, "Most often, the organization used oil refineries in Syria and has operated, to convey oil to the connector to provide people living under the black banner White fuel which is used to run generators and other basic needs , as well as use it to run the war machine. "
Believe me, that the United States believes that al Daash made great money through the sale of refined oil instead of crude, because oil refineries were operating quickly.
Today experts say that the strategy of the organization changed, he began to sell crude to truck drivers instead of refined himself as it was previously working for lack of time and fear of hitting tankers.
In the meantime, perhaps Hafez regulation on the rest of the refining capacity, relying on locals who repeat oil primitive ways through the existing mechanisms in the Syrian desert.
Recognizes Pentagon officials, they are more than a year they avoided striking tanker trucks under the pretext of reducing civilian casualties, while confirming expert Knights by saying that "the international coalition did not hit oil tankers, because not one of the drivers is in the organization Daash, the United States was watching them and see the flow of oil to all over the world without hitting those tankers. But in 16 of the current month, coalition aircraft began Bdmerha ".
And between the Pentagon spokesman, said the warplanes struck 116 tanker loaded with crude oil, while the military warned drivers the ministry of transport oil through leaflets dropped on them.
Away from oil, US officials, believe that the organization reap $ 500 million to one billion dollars by seizing on the branches of Iraqi banks in the last year, as well as blackmail parents and subjected to tax and earn millions of dollars of looted antiquities and the payment of ransom in exchange for the release of detainees.
Taxes are the real way to bring money to Daash, Vamuslhon militants were allowed to policemen, soldiers and teachers atone for the "sins and repentance" after the ransom was paid to the organization of $ 2,500, which made Daash has $ 300 million annually, according to Ayman al-Jawad Tammy, a fellow at the Middle East Forum which is closely following the terrorist group.
It could be argued, that the less resources to organize Daash fertile farms are controlled by, Vamuslhon occupy these lands and one tractor. It is believed that the militants of farmland reaping $ 200 million of wheat found in the Iraqi silos.
Beyond the harvested grain, vast areas controlled by insurgents across the valleys, the gain regulation of wheat crops in Syria a lot, as well as control over 40 per cent of the Iraqi barley, according to agricultural officials from the United Nations.
Agricultural experts in the matter and says, too, that are subject to militants Daash fields annually produces $ 200 million, with lower interest rates paid on the black market, the same time wondering how the international coalition raids on agricultural fields?
And refers me, that weakens the financial strength of the organization is spending on fighters, while appreciating the Rand Corporation, the largest drain on the budget militants Daash is paying the gunmen, who numbered 100 armed thousand salaries, likely, that the oil revenues alone provide these salaries, with operating surplus of that money.
He advised me of the United States of threatening financial regulation, by striking oil wells, although militants have built a great deal of money in the past year that enough for years.
 for: Bloomberg

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