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Sistani comment on the events of Tuz and issue guidance on "the forty"

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Sistani comment on the events of Tuz and issue guidance on "the forty"

Friday 20-11-2015

Twilight News / top religious authority, said Ali al-Sistani Friday he urges to solve the problem of Tuz dialogue but called not to exploit the circumstance to impose a "fait accompli".

He said Sistani's representative in Karbala, Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai during Friday prayers held in the courtyard Husseini Karbala that "the biggest challenge and the most dangerous in front of people of all sects and ethnic groups is a battle with Daash and the idea of ​​his approach and bloody was the latest models that drew the world's attention Russian airliner bombing and the bombings in Beirut bombing In Paris".

He pointed out that "as for the Iraqis to be at the forefront of fighting these terrorists and eliminate them and contribute to them were important victories."

"I must unite all the ingredients and employ all their energies and capabilities in the battle is one for all against these terrorists, and everyone that does not allow deviation battle for the right track, and not to let the room to sow discord and combustion among the people because it does not benefit from it, but those gangs" .

And that "what happened in Tuz of clashes and acts of violence and sabotage serious indicator calls for the owners of the mind and the wisdom of all parties to take all measures to guarantee not to repeat like him, and to maintain peaceful coexistence among all components on the basis of the rule of law and respect for others for some in his right decent living that preserves its security and stability. "

He said that "What is required of them by the hand things not to seek to exploit the current circumstances to impose a fait accompli in some areas according to their visions and perceptions of it leads to further complications, but everyone will lose and must be careful to perpetuate the coexistence based on keeping all the laws."

Turning to forty visit by saying "remind the faithful to preserve the principles of Islam and the holy teachings that sacrificed the Imam and his family and their friends in order to protect them from loss and deviation", stressing that "requires the faithful more AlTafaqah in debt and ensure the application and perform the duties and avoid taboos."

He Karbalai, "addressed in this visit a group of virtuous and students of the Hawza to demonstrate legitimacy and moral judgments and set up a prayer group along the road path to Karbala," calling on visitors to the "seize the opportunity these days and make their travel this for more AlTafaqah and sense of morality and not It prevents the performance of the service for visitors to the Imam Hussein and the establishment of solace from praying in the first of her time. "

And between Karbalai, that "the purposes of the mission of this divine travel is installed principle basis, which was launched from the Imam in his career from Medina to Karbala and wanted his followers bound in the darkest circumstances, a sacrifice money and psychology and child and Alaithae and patience to preserve the principles of Islam," adding that " The battle fateful with Daash gangs those reflected values ​​in the highest forms, especially by the heroes of fighters of different addresses who are stationed in the fronts and left this world and where to embody redemption, sacrifice and altruistic values, and for the loyalty and link Imam appearances in these days is to perpetuate the battle momentum against Daash the promotion of the spirit steadfastness and will to fight and to support and aid the fighters initial tough men of valor and determination to cleanse the whole of Iraq Conception these gangs. "

Certified religious authority said that "hopefully of visitors and owners processions Hosseinieh that their work and their services are reflective of the morals of the people of the house mirror, through their keenness to preserve the public and private property and not to crowd out the mechanisms tracks and cars carrying visitors and maintain the cleanliness of their positions, the feed visitors may turn to blameworthy act If an extravagance and waste ", stressing the need for" cooperation among everybody for the success of the visit and especially cooperation with the security forces to enable it to perform its duties fully as possible. "

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