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Measures to prevent the spread of disease during the visit of the forty

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Measures to prevent the spread of disease during the visit of the forty


11/14/2015 0:00

Krblane- Ali gesture
of the Ministry of Health revealed measures to prevent the spread of diseases and epidemics during the visit of the death of Imam Hussein (AS) which is expected to be performed by millions of visitors. Minister of Health and Environment said Adila Hammoud »Sabah» that her ministry is discussed in the holy city of Karbala for the visit of forty health plan, adding that the health departments in various provinces will participate in the provision of medical services during the visit. She noted that the discussion focused on avoiding mistakes and stand on its own visit and what they're health departments in the provinces for visitors pole position them towards Karbala needs, stressing that the Ministry of Health will support all the provinces, but the biggest support will be the province of Karbala to the fact that millions will gather within a few days visit. The agency the minister that there is considerable coordination between the Ministry of Interior and the ministries of defense to facilitate the work of health teams and functioning ambulances at various ways in which Sfit including visitors, as well as border crossings and airports, pointing out that they also discussed the creation of the emergency units in hospitals, blood banks and specialized medical teams and the deployment of ambulances in public roads leading to the holy city of Karbala and follow up on food, water and supervise the distribution among visitors, in addition to forming a special operations room visit. Hammoud revealed on the participation of the Iranian Ministry of Health in the delivery of health services and treatment for hundreds of thousands of visitors coming to the city, noting that it will also send medical and surgical teams and wheels ambulance and medicines to serve visitors to the session. And the fear of the spread of cholera during the days of the visit, the minister confirmed that the disease ebbed in Iraq, with low temperatures, stressing that there are health measures to reduce the incidence of seasonal flu, which require the cooperation of visitors in the application of private health guidelines eating foods and drinks and not to be subjected to waves the cold. Furthermore, the health of Karbala Agency Director Dr. Sabah Nour Hadi al-Moussawi »Sabah» that the mention of the meeting with the Minister of Health recently held in Karbala, has a discussion of the visit forty emergency plan and approval of the special mechanisms to provide all the means available to serve the visitors, as well as discuss how to distribute health detachments between the provinces, warning that the province demanded the provision of funds for the purchase of essential medicines and medical supplies needed by the visitors, especially that is expected to exceed their numbers many times those of the previous forties.

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