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Kerry: America can dismantle Daash as it has done with al-Qaeda

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Kerry: America can dismantle Daash as it has done with al-Qaeda

Friday 20-11-2015

Twilight News / confirmed US Secretary of State, John Kerry, said that his country is able to "Heroes" organization Daash, faster effect than I did with al-Qaeda.

Kerry said at a press conference, "we Sndhr Daash, we have said that it takes time."

He added, "We began our fight against al-Qaeda in 2001, and it took a few years before we can eliminate Osama bin Laden, the top leadership in the organization, and I wish I could do it with Daash, but with more speed."

US President Barack Obama said Thursday that it may require a few months to Russia, Iran and the ruling elite in Syria accepts that there will be no end to the civil war in Syria will not be a political settlement with the survival of Syrian President Bashar Assad in power.

The United States is leading an international alliance launched air strikes on the organization Daash sites in Syria.

As Chen Russia air strikes on armed groups sites which says terrorist in Syria.

But the United States says that Russian fighter jets are not targeting al Daash, but supports the Syrian regime by targeting the armed opposition sites.

Assad support

Obama said that Moscow and Tehran, the Islamic state are considered the "real danger" but Moscow's efforts in Syria aims to support Assad.

Obama, who is attending the annual summit of the Economic Cooperation forum, the Asia-Pacific (APEC) and added, held in the Philippine capital Manila, told reporters "the final say is that I do not see a position where we can end the civil war in Syria with Assad stay in power."

"What we are doing with the members of our coalition is to realize that it may require a few months to know that the Russians and the Iranians and frankly some members of the Syrian government and the ruling elite within the system the facts that I said just now."

He announced the organization of the Islamic state, claimed responsibility for the bombings that took place in Paris last Friday and bring down Russian passenger plane in Egypt last month.

The US president also said that he could close the prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and at the same time maintaining the safety of American citizens, but acknowledged that he likely will face strong opposition from Congress.

He said, "I'm sure that there will be strong resistance to that in the wake of the Paris attacks, I think there we have a tendency to charge feelings about issues that do not benefit actually make us safer, but they serve as a good slogans policy Whether that migrants or Guantanamo."

He added that the detainee turned into a recruiting tool for groups such as the organization of the Islamic state.

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