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Obama has Daash .. and Kerry: your days numbered

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Obama has Daash .. and Kerry: your days numbered

Sunday 11/15/2015 0:36

/ Othello Alajafal / Baghdad news
became progress security forces in Anbar province in the war against al-Daash, in addition to the great victories achieved in the provinces of Salahuddin and Diyala against the organization, a great incentive to the United States and its allies in the international coalition to end the conflicts in both Iraq and Syria, and this the motivation was behind him, also the Russian military intervention in Syria, which was accompanied by dramatic events. US Secretary of State John Kerry stressed the need to "reach a diplomatic settlement of the conflict Syria", just before heading to Vienna again in the ongoing efforts to end the crisis, which is about to enter the year of v. Kerry said in a speech at the United States Institute of Peace, speaking of the American vision of the meetings of Vienna, "I can not say that we are on the verge of reaching a comprehensive agreement, walls of mistrust inside Syria and in very thick and high international community, and these walls could not be destroyed unless We make consistent and creative effort to overcome them. "Kerry pointed out that" the recent Vienna meeting, which took place October the end of the first past, showed that the agreed basis for action wider than had been assumed other. "fought Kerry a new round of negotiations on the Syrian crisis on Saturday, during the his tour began Friday visit to Tunisia to attend a strategic partnership, through Vienna and the end of Antalya in Turkey, where he is supposed to do to join US President Barack Obama to attend the Group of Twenty Summit (G 20). At the end of last month, held in Vienna, an expanded meeting on the crisis Syria, with the participation of the foreign ministers of 17 countries, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, which participated for the first time in an international meeting like this. The US Secretary of State, announced after the end of this meeting, that the cease-fire, and national elections free and fair under international supervision will be the beginning a new political process in Syria. as he emphasized Russia's foreign minister "Sergei Lavrov", that his country's position is that the Syrian people alone to decide the fate of the Syrian regime President Bashar al-Assad, adding that "Russia is convinced that the issue of Assad's future should be decided by the political process." Obama said containment organization Daash, while he said his minister Kerry to elements of the organization said that "your days are numbered." Obama said in an interview with ABC Network News of America, "The organization has been curbed, he is not in control of more territory in Iraq and Syria," adding that "The United States has yet to eliminate the leadership of the organization and structure could not." He noted that "Our aim is to restrict military Daash capabilities, cutting its supply lines and cutting off funding to him", adding that "the country has made ​​progress in addressing the wave recruit foreigners to join the organization." In turn, said Kerry, during a press conference in Tunis that "the organization Daash are numbered days, and will get rid of it." Kerry pointed out that "the US administration was fully confident that he will be released Sinjar in a matter of days, and after that Kurdish forces backed by air strikes launched American attack on the organization Daash in Sinjar. "fight Daash formed a priority for the United States and Britain, and particularly since the organization began to cut off the heads of Western hostages. And recent days have seen an intensification of a remarkable, if Mohammed Aamoizi make sure that the British called John had been killed, that would be the completion of a tactical myself and the international coalition, although it would have a greater impact in London and Washington than in the Arab world. Where a British official says, "This will show that we may have killed one of the heroes Daash, although it is difficult that will not affect the impact practically significant to organize operations." Recent US coordinates of the news indicate that the United States has conducted an attack drone targeted in Syria John British. According to the British newspaper The Guardian in a report he followed and translates as "Baghdad News" that "the liberalization of Sinjar, which is a strategic town, may be more important than the British killed John, where it is possible to help Sinjar in open road to Mosul." The paper adds that "Sinjar demonstrates again The Kurdish forces are the most effective fighting organization Daash on the ground force, where are their operations routinely and with a cumulative effect of a quiet, managed to disrupt supply lines, forcing the organization to risk open battlefield, "although the paper points out that" the share of Kurdish forces from Juba strikes the international coalition as air cover was 2700 of 5100 carried out on Iraq and Syria since the beginning of September 2014. "says US Secretary of State John Kerry," President Barack Obama urged members of his national security team to accelerate the pace of the war, and proceed to defeat the organization Daash more quickly and, complete and lasting. "

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