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Private contingency plans to visit the forties

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Private contingency plans to visit the forties

11/15/2015 0:00

Baghdad provincial morning
and placed several ministries contingency plans for a private visit the death of Imam Hussein (AS). At a time when the local government and placed in the holy city of Karbala plan to house visitors who Sfiton to the city, whether from inside or outside Iraq, formed the province of Najaf joint operations room includes security and service departments, in preparation for the reception of visitors heading to Karbala. A statement of the Information Office of the Ministry of Health received «morning» copy of it, that «emergency health plan for the visit Arbain will start ten days before the visit and focus on the preventive side, in addition to the therapeutic side». Also developed the ministries of defense, interior, reconstruction, municipalities and transportation similar plans for the success of the visit. In the meantime, he said Karbala governor Akil Turaihi correspondent «morning» Ali gesture: that the local government has developed a plan to accommodate visitors who Sfiton to the city, whether from inside or outside Iraq. Between « He and due to the expected arrival of millions of visitors and the inability of the city to all of us absorbed, as well as the role of citizens and cities of the threshold Hosseinieh visitors, the plan included housed in a number of government buildings, including schools, town squares and stadiums in times of constantly which will be announced ahead of the visit days disabled ». For his part, informed the threshold Hosseinieh director Haider Salami said that the technical staffs of the threshold made ​​a number of caravans modern specifications, for the purpose of distribution among around the vicinity of the threshold Husseiniya region and used in the inspection of visitors and receiving trusts and their bags. In the same vein, the province of Najaf formed an operations room joint includes security and service departments, in preparation for the reception of visitors heading to Karbala through Najaf to perform the ceremony visit the death of Imam Hussein (AS). He said the first vice governor Abbas Alaleaoa correspondent «morning» Hassan al-Kaabi: that this room was formed for the purpose of working to overcome obstacles faced by visitors Every year, the most important transport and communications, in addition to providing the services they need, pointing out that the local government will open a secondary vehicle road in the parallel region through Najaf, Karbala, and will open additional parking lots in distant on the progress of visitors line heading on foot areas to Karbala. He called Alaleaoa the Departments of Transportation and municipalities to make public the whereabouts squares and new ways to be known among visitors and owners of vehicles, and thus facilitate access to it, noting at the same time that the plan also includes interest centers Ershad drifters and provide free contact for visitors by the Telecommunications Directorate, stressing the need to use bottled water in Husseiniya processions that distribute water and food among visitors in addition to the rationalization of electricity consumption. Furthermore, the leadership of the Middle Euphrates operations with the province of Najaf police command field visits and inspection tours administrative border between the provinces of Najaf and Karbala. He explained flags Najaf police Maj Miqdad al-Moussawi, director of «morning» that the leaders of the police and the operations Euphrates toured checkpoints, checkpoints and detachments stationed on the border of the two provinces, to check on the progress of the security plan as the best, noting that the security services are protecting visitors in addition to facilitating the wheels over to take them and to reduce their suffering. In Diwaniya, Representation rites, processions Husseini announced initiate the implementation of an integrated plan to welcome visitors to the death of Imam Hussein (AS) in coordination with the security and service departments. Member Representative Sheikh Qassem Al Mansouri between correspondent «morning» Abbas Reda al-Moussawi, said Representative Office began implementing an integrated plan for the reception visitors who flock to the holy city of Karbala through Diwaniya, past, saying: The Representation of increased coordination with the departments of police, civil defense and municipal, health, water, sewage and Red Crescent Societies and other points level, to achieve the smooth provision of services for visitors. He said Al-Mansouri said in 2700 metaphor parade was Sradgaha along roads used by visitors inauguration, pointing at the end of his speech to the Representative Office in the province of Diwaniyah coordinated with the Iranian consulate to provide services for expatriates Iranian security in order to overcome the mistakes that may occur as a result of the great momentum.

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