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Visit forties .. security and healthy preparations and lack of funding

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Visit forties .. security and healthy preparations and lack of funding

Sunday 11/22/2015 0:21

Baghdad news / Abdulrahman
al-Rubaie, only a few days remain to visit forties, which is preparing its provinces of the country to receive visitors Karbala who exceed their numbers ten million, the visit this year is no longer like its predecessor in terms of preparedness and funding, as a result of the increasing number of visitors compared to previous years, which called for large alert and intensify services and insurance areas through which visitors Arbain. Baghdad braced health Bquadrha to visit Arbain as put the health of Baghdad, the Department of Rusafa integrated plan to provide curative and preventive services in preparation for the visit. Dr. Director General of the Department Ihsan Jaafar Ahmed, in a statement seen by " Baghdad News "," The purpose of the plan is to coordinate and organize efforts and medical resources to provide the best preventive and curative services for visitors and ready to face emergency situations that occur during the visit in coordination with the concerned authorities. "" The services to be offered are divided into preventive services through the public health department and the Division of health surveillance and emergency medical services in the event site for the purpose of providing first life-saving and transporting the wounded and the sick to hospitals and referral of emergency cases to hospitals and provide the most serious cases, in addition to the final treatment services, pointing out that the department will be equipped hospitals and specialist centers in all its needs of medicines and medical supplies and blood through the ports. "He stressed that awareness owners processions Hosseinieh need to use pots and mugs single-use in the distribution of food and drink to visitors and the need for attention to open private records of cases of diarrhea and food poisoning as well as disseminating health guidelines to educate citizens. On the security front has developed security plans to ensure the success of millions visit through the deployment of detachments on the road link between the provinces and Karbala, as well as secure the border posts to avoid the infiltration of terrorist elements among the visitors, and in this regard, he said and g & # 1740; t indoors & # 1740; of Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban in a press statement followed up "Baghdad news that" "There are intensive efforts to incite & # 1740; t Coffee & # 1740; Underground & # 1740; its border & # 1740; of to receive Iranian pilgrims, declaring a state of alert in the g & # 1740; p border regions & # 1740; of. "On the tennis & # 1740; s and cooperation b & # 1740; n a & # 1740; Ran and Iraq on the four & ceremony # 1740; n & # 1740; its forward sense & # 1740; n (p), Ghabban said the institutions, but & # 1740; Ran & # 1740; of responsible had responded to all our demands, & Bh # 1740; s put g & # 1740; p potential at our disposal and the cooperation and Altensbak b & # 1740; n side & # 1740; n & # 1740; s & # 1740; t Bhکl c & # 1740; d. He added that "it is through the side of cooperation, but & # 1740; Rani has launched 15 representative & # 1740 ; of the Ministry of overseas & # 1740; of Iraq & # 1740; of the cities, but & # 1740; Ran & # 1740; its different version tach & # 1740; Rat visitors, but & # 1740; Ran & # 1740; & # 1740; n & Find # 1740; s issued this & Representative # 1740; s So far, more than 500 000 tach & # 1740; Rh. "He stressed that" Wales & # 1740; a ball four & # 1740; n & # 1740; its has begun before a & # 1740; M and & # 1740; increase as Number of Visitors & # 1740; and beyond & # 1740; Om & Find # 1740; s income through but & # 1740; or brother & # 1740; Rh 15 thousand visitors a & # 1740; the Rani & # 1740; Iraq via Mehran limits - Zrabat & # 1740; of joint. "And between" we expect the entry of about 2.5 ml & # 1740; s a visitor & # 1740; the Rani & # 1740; Iraq across the borders of Mehran, attractive and Hlmjh, Maکda that more than 70 percent of visitors, but & # 1740; Ran & # 1740; & # 1740; n & # 1740; Dechlon Iraq via Mehran limits - Zrabat & # 1740; of. "So said the Ministry of Interior In a statement seen by "Baghdad News" that "border crossings Directorate announced the entry of 55 000 Iranian visitors from graying outlets, Alhlamehh Safwan, Zurbatiyah and airport Najaf & # 65 275; disease visit the death of a & # 65 275; Mam Hussein, peace be upon him." Although preparations to receive visitors Abe, the Liberal, but the visit today have not experienced funding by the government, as the MP for the province of Karbala smile Hilali, that confirmed the central government did not monitor so far any sum of money to cover the province expenses during a visit fortieth of Imam Hussein (AS). She said Hilali in remarks press that "the province of Karbala prepared a week ago to receive visitors arrivals to the province to perform the ceremony visit fortieth of Imam Hussein (AS), Mukdh that" the central government did not monitor up to the present time any sum of money to maintain to cover preservation costs through millions visit. "She added that" the province despite not received a financial amount of the central government, they strive in coordination with local circles to provide all appropriate services for visitors coming to the province during a visit session. "She Hilali that" Congress province of Karbala hoped during the next two days that the central government to transfer a sum of money to the province to meet the requirements through Visit the forty. "

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