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Iraqi ships flying the Jordanian flag instead of the Iraqi and why?

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Iraqi ships flying the Jordanian flag instead of the Iraqi and why?


BAGHDAD / Sky Press: General Company for Maritime Transport confirmed, they are forced to raise the Jordanian flag of Iraq instead of on Bwaka when sailing outside the Gulf region because of Iraq's non-inclusion on the white list by the International Maritime Organization, expressed as a shipping source displeasure and astonishment after seeing steamer Iraqi government lifted the Jordanian flag on the basic Saratha when leaving the port of Umm Qasr.
The navigation source in a statement followed the "Sky Press," that "the Iraqi government ship (Muthanna) left a two-day port of Umm Qasr, commercial before carrying on basic Saratha flag Kingdom of Jordan, a sight the surprise of workers in the port of sailors and captains and engineers offshore," noting "What is more surprising that the ship is registered in the port of Aqaba, rather than the port of Basra, which is an unacceptable precedent that the state give up its traditional right to fly its flag on Bwaka".
The source, who requested anonymity, that "the government should be taking measures to prevent this situation that harms the sovereignty of Iraq," noting that "the replacement of the Iraqi flag Balordna does not include Iraqi oil tankers under the Ministry of Oil, as they do not raise the non-Iraqi flag when cruising oceans and seas which are loaded with huge quantities of crude oil. "
For his part, the Director of the fleet in the General Company for Maritime Transport Mahdi Ali Askar said that "forced the company to raise the Jordanian flag on all Iraqi ships owned when they are outside of the Gulf-wide, as the ship flying the Iraqi flag be subject to detention when they leave the Gulf region," He is explaining that "this is due to the non-inclusion of Iraq on the white list by the International Maritime Organization."

Askar and pointed out that "Iraq is paying annually to Jordan in return for lifting the Jordanian flag on the Iraqi ships," adding that "the problem requires the solution of the House of Representatives ratified a number of international conventions and treaties Navy."
The Director of Marine Fleet in the company, which is headquartered in Basra to the public that "Iraq is knowing when to raise Bwak it boosts the morale of the Navy crews operating in," adding that "the ships serves as the embassies of its mobile".
The General Company for Maritime Transport was founded in 1961, and was then owns two ships are the (14 Ramadan) and (July 14), but still managed then to own a fleet of 24 vessel did not stock and of which only a steamer old one called (Nasser), has bought by Iraq in 1989, while joined late 2012 ship (Baghdad) purchased by Iraq from China to the fleet of the Iraqi shipping, which is equipped with a motorized German origin and has a maximum load capacity of 8,500 tons, and then contracted the Ministry of Transport with a South Korean company to manufacture three ships to transport goods are (Basra, Muthanna, the hunchback), Iraq has received during the first half of last year, bringing the Iraqi fleet consists of five ships, all working in the field of maritime shipping between ports of countries within Asia and Africa, with the exception of the old ship (Nasser) , they are dependent on the work and moored next to the pier 22 in the port of Umm Qasr for the purpose of maintenance.

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