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The World Bank will open a center for the development of the Iraqi private sector amid skepticism experts possibility of success

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The World Bank announced on Sunday, the opening of a specialized center with the support of the private sector, in cooperation with the Iraqi government, and when I came back the last activity that sector "is still shy" because of the absence of legislation, which is supported by the heads of the necessary funds, and called for changing the look "discredit" him , criticized the director of the bank's quest important private sector use of third-party non-Iraqi to help him, and called on the Iraqi banks to take responsibility for his support, an economist questioned the ability of the new center on the development of the private sector.

This came during a celebration of the opening of the World Bank office in Iraq, today, the center of the development of the private sector in Iraq, which was held in Al-Mansour Hotel, in downtown Baghdad, and attended (range Press).

The representative of the World Bank office in Iraq and member of the Center for Private Sector Development, Mohammed al-Ani, in an interview to the (long-Presse), during the ceremony, said, "Today saw the launch of the first conference center for private sector development and opening", adding that "the nature of the center, which was founded by the World Bank, in cooperation with the Iraqi government, is to establish a dialogue platforms between the private and public sectors by explaining the needs of first and stand on the government's ability to meet them. "

Ani added, "The center represents a large segments of the Iraqi private sector," expected to "bring the center positive steps for the development of the Iraqi private sector, which is still below the level of ambition."

The representative of the World Bank office in Iraq and member of the Center for Private Sector Development, "The Center pop-up of the World Bank's support for the Iraqi private sector, various projects of medium and small, as well as a package of economic reforms to the Iraqi government," adding that "the center does not have the financial resources to support the private sector currently, but could do so in the future through the provision of loans to medium and small projects. "

It said Thamer Ghadhban, head of the advisers in the Office of the Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, in an interview (to the extent Press), during the ceremony, "The government welcomed the step of the World Bank and supported the establishment of the center," hoping that "The Center is a step toward the creation of new outlets The vitality of the private sector. "

Anger and stressed that "the private sector projects and various financial operations are still shy," attributing it to "a lot of reasons, including the absence of legislation in support of the sector, as well as the lack of capital and the real big in the Iraqi market."

The President of the advisers in the Prime Minister's Office, for "government support for the private sector with full force, through the preparation of laws for its development, such as laws of economic reform, investment and tariffs," pointing out that "it means that the trend exists to support the private sector."

He called Anger, to "change the perception of the private sector by all entities, whether governmental or non-governmental organizations," he continued that there is a "question of the private sector is that it does not offer repairs and projects for Iraq."

Meanwhile, said Director General of the Trade Bank of Iraq, Hamdiya dry in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The private sector can not achieve success in any project without the funding provided by the Iraqi banks," criticizing "the pursuit of the private sector go to those non-Iraqi to help the promotion. "

Promised dry, that "Iraq could help himself because of the availability of the ingredients for the Advancement of Kalamoal, expertise and marketing outlets," indicating that "the Iraqi banks bear a great responsibility through its support to the private sector, so it should be directed to the development of curricula real can be implemented on the ground."

Promised the Director General of Trade Bank of Iraq, that "the Iraqi government strives to support the private sector in all of its powers," afterthought "but legislation is the only obstacle towards it."

For his part, questioned the expert economy on behalf of Jamil Antoine, "the capacity of the center on the development of the private sector," attributing it to "the World Bank sponsor of the Centre for development of the private sector, as long as the chosen people and the views are unknown, non-professional, to implement projects aimed at developing the private sector and its financing, and inattentiveness official known for its support for the sector. "

Antoine felt, that "most of the World Bank projects ended in failure or did not realize its potential," returned to the "center will be unaccounted for or does not serve the private sector about large."

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi private sector suffers from the disadvantages of the major challenges, including the implications of the security situation, and the obsolescence of its equipment, and the scarcity of electricity and fuel, and competition "fierce" for foreign products, as well as a lack of funding.

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