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Experts and officials: 138 billion dollars smuggled abroad .. Not a deterrent to money laundering

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BAGHDAD / Adil al-Saffar .. Experts said that specialize economy and non-application of the laws of economic task window behind the worsening corruption in the country, but they added to the decisions on the economy, trade and finance in the country are taken improvisational manner.

Pointing to the existence of fake companies practicing money laundering in addition to the presence of influential elements working to increase import and open the country to various markets versus scaled agriculture and local industry until it became paralyzed and unable to fill the local need, but they added that 138 billion dollars were smuggled abroad over the past decade .
came these assessments and economic studies during a seminar held by the center "Anhidwana" and attended the "long" entitled (corruption between diagnosis and coping mechanisms) in the presence of Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi, and a number of economists and money and people interested in their affairs allocated to discuss the persistence of the crisis of corruption in the country since 2003 until now .
said economic expert Majid picture, if Iraq succeeded after 2003 by issuing important laws include systems for the management of the state economically and financially, such as law and financial management of public debt and the Central Bank Law and Banking Law and the laws of the budget, published annually, in addition to the Iraqi constitution and the signing of the International Covenant document and support agreement with The International Monetary Fund, and the law of the Council of the service uniform, but all these laws and documents, agreements and commitments have not been applied, if applied to the development of Iraq to high levels in all respects.
"We have been making decisions is studied in building the state and its institutions dominated by the solutions improvised and sectarian interests, ethnic, partisan and factional and individual, has been appointed people who are not competent in the job, relying on loyalty, including climbers corrupt who find their way in each system at all times, and who rode a wave of partisanship religious and sectarian, raising slogans of religion noble, but the truth mired financial and administrative corruption. "
and stressed that cases of corruption rampant in all joints of the ministries and the fact that corruptors system is difficult to control, especially after the form fictitious companies practiced fraud and money laundering operations, taking into account its interests in the trend towards maximizing the import and work to disable sustainable economic development.
explained that local reports confirm that the total amount of money that fled from Iraq amounted to 138 billion dollars over the last ten years, and can not be addressed only by applying the laws and activating the role of the judiciary and the emphasis on independence in the fight against corruption.
his part, said the deputy governor of the Central Bank of the previous appearance of Mohammed Saleh during the symposium: The corruption younger that occurs on a small scale and within the frameworks of social List and the norms governing Eptdiha employees of public service in the use of personal relationships to obtain benefits, in between the manifestations of corruption bulk that gets at the top of the hierarchy of government, which is the kind that is rampant in totalitarian regimes or in systems that do not have adequate policies to control corruption largest and response and embodied in the often blurred vision about the separation of powers.
described in favor of the type of corruption taking place in the country to corruption systemic caused primarily by the weakness of the administrative organization and stumbling within the hierarchy of government one, and added, that the phenomenon of corruption systemic in the country needs to carry the state using its role in protecting society of corruption systemic as to protect society from crime and war.
said Judge Rahim Ugaili in his speech, "we are a state-led corruption, aimed at corruption, values, corruption, management corruption, their parties are corrupt, its strategy is corrupt, we are a society tolerate corruption and people around the corrupt adults, the evidence that we we re-elected our own. "
For his part, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture article Jaber al-Jabri, "When you are an agent of the Ministry is one of the poorest of the Ministries of the country, but corruption is endemic in the joints are looked every bit as all human values ​​and religious, and when it took action to stop the corruption, quickly I received a message directly from the government, which prevents me from revealing. " Finished / 3
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