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Parliament: the budget law and retirement highlighted the priorities of the last legislative term

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Tomorrow .. Vote on amending the Law University Service
Baghdad Muhannad Abdul Wahab
works the House of Representatives to vote on a number of important laws and regulations in the forefront of the general budget for the year 2014 and the Unified Retirement Law. According to the decision of the House of Representatives Muhammad Al-Khalidi's "morning": the "parliament is seeking to approve a series of laws ready to vote in committees or the Presidency, which remain subject to political consensus and to ensure that pass these laws and activated in the two legislative and executive."
Khalidi pointed out in an interview for " morning, "that" the most important of these laws is the general budget immediately sent from the government, and the Unified Retirement and the Federal Court, as well as the law of parties and a general amnesty, in addition to a number of laws ministries and other directly related to the citizen. "
On the other hand, revealed parliamentary sources for " morning "for the agenda of the session of parliament on Tuesday.
sources said that the agenda includes "vote on the proposed law on the second amendment to the Law University Service No. (23) for the year 2008, and the vote on the draft law of the First Amendment to the Law of Antiquities and Heritage No. (55) of 2002, as well as the vote on the draft law of the Eighth Amendment to the Law on the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (40) for the year 1988 ".
will also see its first reading of the proposed law on the delegation of authority, and the second reading of a draft law on ratification of agreement on the encouragement and protection of investment between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the government of Armenia, and the second reading to bill the Martyrs Foundation, in addition to the second reading of the draft law Iraqi Academy of Science.
, in turn, said MP for the coalition in Iraq Talal Zobaie that "crippling the biggest to pass laws is the quota system has led to the presence of dignitaries poured all their attention to the protection of the quota system, and therefore, the other is trying not pass any Act only after the agreed upon. "
He Zobaie "morning", "The pension law and the budget are one of the most important laws because they are laws artistic needed by the community, especially at this stage, and that the laws of character art thing and the laws of political nature something else." .
, and pointed out that "the next stage of life of the Council require the adoption of laws public pension and budget because they are the most important."
said the National Alliance MP Khalid al-Asadi: "The three most important laws should proceed in the last chapter of the age of the parliament are: Unified Retirement, and the budget , in addition to the political parties law, which has been discussed. "
Asadi noted the existence of a lot of important laws that should be approved, such as the Social Security Act inactivated because some are trying not to pass as a shift to the political gain and this concept is wrong, "noting that" the laws that come from government should proceed or reject, and inclusion or disable it is in breach of the work of Parliament. "
MP for the Liberal bloc Jawad Alshahyla has also stressed that the most important laws are supposed to put them legally budget and public pension.
Alshahyla noted the "morning", that "political bargaining will take more space will be offered the laws do not meet the ambition or satisfy the Iraqi street. "
and said the "pension law must be put firmly, and the budget as well, because the delay of these laws is not in the interest of the Iraqi street," believing that "in the coming days will show political bargaining is very clear on this laws. "
and "Al-Sabah" from sources in the parliamentary legal committee that parliament identified in January as the date for a vote on the law of political parties.
, the sources said: "The Legal Committee submitted to the Presidency of the Parliament Act parties to vote for him."
It is said that most of the political parties exercise Currently working on according to procedures described by observers as "inaccurate", especially that there are dozens of parties registered and won a very small number of voters during the last election, in addition to their concentration in the province or provinces only which is contrary to the new law.
knew bill parties According to a copy published in the "morning" recently, the political party that: "Every Iraqi group organization on the basis of common principles and objectives contribute to the formation of the political will and operates through democratic means with the aim of peaceful transfer of power, or to participate in it."
The head of the advisers in the Council of Ministers Engineer Thamer Ghadban has urged the House of Representatives to speed up the ratification of the parties.
said Anger "morning": that "the advisers played a major role in the preparation of the law of parties and approved by the Council of Ministers and is now in the House of Representatives", describing the law as "an arbitrator and in which all the mechanisms that start of the formation of political parties and foundations and internal systems and ensures parties, be it national, not sectarian and away from Takfirism, terrorism and militias. "

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