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Specialists: improving the wages of workers provides an environment to support private sector investment

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Contributes to absorb surplus labor force
Baghdad - Mostafa Hashemi - Farah pumice
to provide an attractive investment environment supports the work of the private sector and contribute to the reduction in the unemployment rate, suggested specialists to improve the level of wages of workers of this sector to the equivalent of him salaries of state employees. wage level adviser to the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform d. Ahmed al-Husseini suggested re-examine the level of wages to provide a suitable environment and added in a statement (morning) can address the problems through reconsider the level of wages in general terms that the public sector bloated and suffering from underemployment, at which time we see averse evident in the field of work in the private sector. competitive labor and called Husseini to make the level of wages in Iraq competitively to attract the maximum amount of the investment companies, both foreign ones or local. added: Otherwise, those companies and investors will tend to foreign labor, given the low level of wages marginal compared to productivity marginal which will reflect negatively on the unemployment rate and makes them tend to rise, calling for the adoption of the strategy is working to absorb the surplus labor force through the establishment of training and rehabilitation for those who wish to work in the fields required by the market. private sector and between the importance of the government to be involved in the payment of all or part of the salaries of wanting to work in the private sector, He explained that this approach would ease the burden and pressure on the public sector and reduce the rates of underemployment experienced by most public sector organizations, and make way for the private sector to exercise its role in economic activity and to be part of the solution to the problem by absorbing surplus labor force. According to surveys The Ministry of Planning that the unemployment rate for adults aged 15 years and over has reached in the year 2012 (11.9) percent, where the recorded unemployment rates higher among families whose size (10) members, where was (15.0) percent compared to the categories of the size of other families, as she was in General 2004.35 percent and fell to 18 percent until the year 2008, to settle at 15 percent in 2010. equal salaries , in turn, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Labor and Social Affairs parliamentary Saleh al-Asadi said the draft labor law will reduce unemployment because it will ensure that the rights of workers in the private sector as it is the case in the public sector, adding that he will determine the relationship between workers and employers and compatibility. explained (morning) that handed workers' salaries in the private sector will amount to him the salaries of employees in the public sector, noting that includes contracting with the state and private sector employees, cooperative and mixed. standards International and stressed the need for pursuing Iraq principle of decentralization and free economy in order to match the law with international standards, saying that it will be determined wages by a tripartite committee composed of representatives of the Iraqi Federation of Industries, the Federation of Trade Unions, and the government to match him salaries of state employees will be reviewed annually in order to compatible with the standard of living and the level of the market. rights of workers either Committee member Rep. Zainab Abdul Ali believed that this law will create a balanced relationship between employers and preserve their rights, as well as to attract them to work and invest their money in the private sector. said Ali in her statement (morning) that for its proposed determine the minimum wage for a worker to be at least what is received by a government employee, noting that all the articles of the law has taken into account through the twinning between international labor laws and standards of international law and talking through meetings and consultations held by the Commission with the International Labour Organization and specialists in this regard, to achieve the wishes of the private sector in order to serve this segment as many as possible. law aims to regulate the relationship between the worker and the employer in the private sector and public and mixed, in terms of working hours, wages, health insurance, and professional rights compared to state employees.

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