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An invitation to organize the work of local food markets

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An invitation to organize the work of local food markets

Having suffered from neglect and lack of services
BAGHDAD - Haider al-Rubaie Flaih
Criticized an economist what he called the chaos of local markets and non-regulated, which impact on the reality of buying and selling and keeping food and materials that will ensure their safety and not exposed to damage, according to the expert, pointing at the same time that the rules and FAQ World stipulates the importance of away markets from the points of natural pollutants such as factories and electric power stations and areas of sanitation and waste dumps, indicating that the near those places for local markets could adversely affect the safety of food stored, and thus damaging to public health of consumers, as well as large quantities and subjected vendors to the considerable material damage.
The head of the Iraqi Association of Foodstuff Trading Ali Aziz only in his late (morning): a food markets beginning of the road food to the intended consumer, hence the critical importance of attention to these markets and preparing an environment safe and healthy for the marketing of food safe access to the table of the consumer free of contaminants and bacterial pathogens, and this called for health authorities in developed countries to impose controls and strict laws for the establishment of food markets, stressing the importance of providing many of the important things in the continuity of work in food markets, especially the president's Kahattha green spaces and the provision of open fields to provide proper ventilation and the organization breaks appropriate between the activities of the different market and the allocation of the Department of Audit and Inspection healthy private market and provide a stable source of electric power and the source of last permanent water suitable for human consumption and to be free of stray animals, rodents and insects, as well as the need to contain stores and large roofed non-exposed and the other stores chilled.
He only to the markets in Baghdad is divided into three sections, which is the first markets small is mediated by neighborhoods, are the main source of shopping daily for residents, and the second market of medium and are usually specialized to a specific region as a market Bayaa market Kasra Market and the New Baghdad Market, Bourne and Market torch ..
and the sale by retail and wholesale, while the third section are big markets that are broad and comprehensive, a major source for the processing market of small and medium-level maintenance of all their needs from dry food and fresh meat and dairy products, canned food, soft drinks and Crapt, bottled water, basic food Kalers, sugar, tea, milk, flour, legumes, oils and supplements Food of all kinds.
The market is beautiful in Baghdad market president for food trade and is the largest market and most at the level of Iraq and be the first source of the goods of food for most of the provinces, but only criticized the mechanism of action of the market, which indicated that nearly 75 percent of the inevitably created without an official holiday After the design was the foundation of the market may count on the basis of the existence of two main sections are Alwa of fruits and vegetables and the last was held on Oksas that industrial area, indicating that the economic conditions experienced by Iraq, which caused the stoppage of most local industries caused many of the owners of these plants in a beautiful area to convert to the shops and stores to the sustainability of their business.
indicating that the conversion, which he said (unregulated and haphazard) led to the market, random and chaotic features of lack of sufficient roads and streets and the size of shops and capacity and the lack of services such as electricity, water and sewage systems, lighting and communications and poor municipal services other that are not fit and commercial activity the wide and varied update it, as well as for the previous period did not witness any processors municipal real accompany the new reality, but fell back at high rates too and still the market creeps toward the residential neighborhoods surrounding that has become the largest part of which shops and commercial stores to add new burdens and a retreat largest in services, making it a poor environment and improper handling of food.
emphasizes only the importance of providing more services to markets the main in Baghdad and the provinces to the sustainability of its work and make smooth the largest in the trading business. stressing the need to pay attention on relevant authorities to the sufferings of those markets of the problems be resolved as soon as the maximum in order to avoid any damage that may be reflected on the consumer due to lack of health services in these markets. indicating that the most prominent are experiencing these markets is the accumulation of hundreds of tons of waste in all parts of the market and in front of shops and stores in and around the clogged drainage systems and subsurface water muddy and composition of the pools and pools of dirty water and break the main and branch roads and frequent drilling and Altaksvat where because of the large numbers of heavy trucks entering and exiting the market daily, with an estimated those trucks in the market for a beautiful example of 200 large trucks and hundreds of wheels of small, more than the market's ability to endure and absorption design of streets, as well as the accumulation of mounds of dirt and construction waste and construction.
and the only as well as the existence of other points negative experienced commercial markets in Baghdad, especially food markets, including also the spread of stray animals from dogs and cats and all kinds of rodents, rats, mice and insects and the spread of unregulated construction and the overlapping and passed on the sidewalks and public spaces abandoned and the spread of stalls is licensed Giralmjazh in different places of the market and on the edges of roads, lack of hours of processing power, especially in the Jamila market, which led to the spread of generators civil, which is contaminated head of food in the market result in emissions of toxic gases, as well as the lack of lighting network within the market, which disrupts the work at night and increases security risks.
The President of the Association also said the weak network of safe water for human consumption in key markets and the lack of sanitation and toilets and the emergence of problems in Anciabh walk in the market for a failure to regulate the entrances and exits of the market and the organization of movement, all factors contribute to blocking the commercial reality in Iraq and predict the emergence of environmental risks that could affect human health by the consumption of materials not kept in places of health suitable for food storage.
In order to find quick solutions and radical of what ails the food markets in Baghdad and the provinces suggested the only set of solutions confirmed their importance in organize the work of food markets in Baghdad and the provinces, pointing to the need for timely and quick to address the problems and disadvantages of existing markets and to reduce the spread of markets, new random and does not crawl the markets currently on the neighborhoods, as happened in the market a beautiful and Baya, where expansion toward the role of neighboring apartments, and converted to shops without worrying about the type of activity that is installed in the design basis, as well as direct the establishment of markets typically trade Elmo Ed food, particularly the main of which are available in all the conditions and specifications adopted for such markets built modern infrastructure, including roads, wide and paved and the other sub-minor and the network of electricity, water, telecommunications, lighting and drainage works health and service areas Kmtaam and rest for workers and shoppers and commercial services such as banks and banking offices and remittance companies and financial offices, business consulting services and advanced telecommunications and the Department of Civil Defense and a police station and the Department of Health and the Department of Audit and Inspection and the other departments necessary for market activity. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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