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Commercial centers investments supporting the productive sectors (post for oogie & bubbies)

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Experts enemy contribute to the improvement of the system of payments
BAGHDAD - Farah pumice - Mustafa al-Hashemi
represents the commercial centers in the world one of the ports of economic that contribute to the improvement of the system of payments to their countries, so called economists to activate this sector through the establishment of commercial centers Iraq after the development of the national industry in public and private sectors to support the process of economic growth. Warned others of doing this step before the development of the productive sectors and infrastructure of the country so that he Adin weaken the local economy at a time when the country needs to finance investment. Adviser Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform d. Ahmed al-Husseini called the Iraqi investors who invest their money abroad to try to invest in the country to support private industry, including paving the way for the establishment of trade centers abroad. markets large commercial and added Husseini told (morning) it is necessary to be Iraq's commercial centers outside of the definition of national industry This is where part of the Iraqi investments abroad in addition to being contribute to upgrading and improving the balance of trade payments. He pointed out that the Iraqi investments abroad exist but by very small amounts and is barely remember because the amount of foreign exchange for investments in Iraq, such as markets large commercial (malls). He stressed the importance to be commercial centers of Iraq in regional neighboring at least, pointing to the possibility that contribute to this step in the promotion of the national industry and encouraging them towards progress and development. definition of national industry and called Husseini to work this step to their importance in the definition of countries in which it arises mall including produced by Iraq and its potential industrial, pointing to the need to invest in the establishment of commercial centers in other countries to achieve the returns positive for the investor and the national industry, especially that Iraq urges pace to join the World Trade Organization. in a related context, Ministry of Commerce announced its participation in the program to prepare trainers to Annexes trading in the United States Iraqi cooperation within the U.S. for the development of commercial diplomacy and development capabilities of commercial attaches. ministry confirmed in a statement that they discussed ways to develop economic and trade relations between the two countries and the preparations for the meeting of the Iraqi American Council for Trade and Investment and the Committee of the Iraqi American Business Dialogue. The statement added that he was organizing a visit to members of the delegation to the Energy Fair International, which was held in the city of Orlando in Florida where the delegation held meetings with the major energy companies participating in the exhibition has been on the sidelines of the exhibition organizing business forum of Iraq, which was held in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, Arab-American. investments at home On the other hand expert considered investment Thaer Alfeli to invest the money of the Iraqi outside the country will weaken the local economy, especially as the investments are complaining of a lack of funding, especially during the period through which Iraq. added Alfeli in his speech (morning) that the country needs to Iraqi funds to invest in sectors producing various industrial and agricultural, as well as the revitalization of the tourism sector and the creation of hotels, in addition to housing construction to solve part of the housing crisis. demanded to invest and employ all Iraqi money at home because it is a fertile ground for investment, he also needs to attract foreign funds from abroad and employ them in Iraq, Indicating that invest the money in the establishment of commercial centers in the country will achieve the proportion of the profits of more than obtained by the investor abroad, despite the difficulties that exist. pointed out that there are some investments in the country blocked a substantial shortage of food and some industrial materials and succeeded where the coefficient of Iraq, as it investigates a product for which is added to the gross domestic product and revive the economy, and thus increases the rate of growth, adding that the industries need to finance, especially as the country imports most of its goods from abroad and the main reason for this lack of funding. felt it was not fair to get the dealer to earnings within the country It is then invested abroad if deemed unhealthy condition and unfair of Iraqi society, calling for the establishment of such centers in the country, if Nha will contribute to the elimination of unemployment exist. said that all aspects of the economy needed money and the experience of Iraqi and foreign, considering that the availability of the money comes primarily first by the availability of expertise. Turn The general manager of the single window in the National Investment Commission, Dr. Abdullah al-Bandar, in an earlier statement (morning) that the establishment of these markets contribute to the GDP and the addition of its own government in economic sectors other, as it is considered a profitable business and increase jobs for the unemployed and the formation of entering extra thus contributing to the recovery cycle income. saw Bander that these markets are encouraged national product and make it a contender for goods other and are required by the commercial market, rather they can be imported from abroad, especially as the strata of society differ in their levels of access so that they can buy goods with well-known international brands. He called on the government to support the industrial sector to be able to compete with imported and be their acceptable. Noted the Director-General that these centers will open new horizons of wages to be competitive with the public sector and thus the demand for public office, down to the presence of wages high, private sector equivalent to the salary of government, as well as moving the wheel economy and achieve economic integration to increase the demand for labor, which reduces the expected and the unemployment in the country.

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